Who is the bastard

Ok… Who is the bastard who put the zombear into the game!? I mean seriously? You are a sick and twisted soul, sir!!!
Scared the crap out of me. I step outside my house, see a symbol I’m not familiar with, hit examine, and step immediately right back inside my house. I wish I had enough food to stay in here for the next century or so.

Yeah, so the zombear smashed it’s way through my window and started chasing me around the house. I killed it with a buttload of bear traps and a crossbow… Dear lord that was not cool at all!

That would be the venerable GlyphGryph!

Got killed by one also. Ok, i was starving, so i wasn’t able to do something.
IV found another after, new game … well at last they don’t spawn first day. With some clothes and almost no skill, iv killed him in melee with a crowbar without any probleme but about a loss of 60hp.

Did you make sure to pulp the corpse? Like any zombie, they DO get back up.

Also, if the question is “Who is the bastard that put [new monster type] into the game?” there is probably at least even odds the answer is me. :wink:

“Hm, haven’t been many complaints about bears on the forums for a while. Time to kick it up a notch.”

main() {
if(GlyphGryph == Evil) return Bastard;

Buffer overrun…
Too evil…


Someone should really update the wiki…

[quote=“Cinghiale, post:7, topic:3684”]Zombears?!

Someone should really update the wiki…[/quote]
Surprise! The wiki is editable by anyone! So don’t say “someone should update the wiki”, now you can go and update it yourself! Yay!

That said if everyone who says "someone should update the wiki just went and updated it then it would be very up to date.

I’m assuming he said “someone” instead of doing it himself because he has yet to encounter them, doesn’t know their details, and rather wants to.

“I want to know details about this thing I don’t know before it kills me!” is a perfectly good reason to request someone else provide the information. :stuck_out_tongue:

That and sheer laziness :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a healthy mix of both.

Btw speaking of wiki enemies I have never encountered the cults. Do they live in the temples? Never been to those either. Couldn’t figure out the whole stone eyeballs thing. We should have more of these guys. Roving bands of flesh angels spawning after a few months would be very awesomy.

I encountered one yesterday, was scared at first but then I’m a bionic patient with hydraulic muscles so I managed to kill it in a few hits, took down a good chunk of my hp though.

Implying that zombears is a problem.

Well, seriously, how the hell do you guys keep dying from things like that?

Well they are dangerous if you start your game on winter and you find one gnawing at the windows of the spawn shelter

If you start on spring you are pretty much ready to kill them by the time they start spawning

I encountered one very early on. I’m not sure exactly how many days after spawn, but it was definitely spring and early enough that I was still out scouting for corpse piles to get water. When I returned to the evac shelter I didn’t notice the broken window. The zombear was inside waiting.

I had no combat ability and died swiftly. I’m not sure when it got inside the shelter as I was far enough away from the shelter for it not to update during the corpse looting.

Mira Grant wrote a trilogy of zombie novels. there is a zombie bear in the 3rd one. I believe 1-2 of them got nominated for hugos. They are pretty fun. The downside is they all have the same scooby trick ending. works well in the first book. by the third it gets old. Her society is different. the world doesn’t collapse with zombies. The first book is a brother and sister blogger team who get brought on to cover a presidential campaign in a world full of zombies.