Which magasine i need? (4.6 caliber conversion kit)

before i not experimented this way but now i said myself “pourque paix?” after finding this item (err i mean 4.6 caliber conversion kit) in the gunshop.
after that i take first found pistol - it is Glock17 from the near zed and - voila.
but… hmm… usual Glock17 magasine is not fit. he-he… :slight_smile:
does someone knows which magasine i need to feed my converted to 4.6 Glock17 (9mm naturally)
maybe where is conversion kit and for magasine also?


You need the H&K 4.6mm Magazine or H&K 4.6mm Extended Magazine. 20 and 40 4.6mm rounds respectively.

That’s a fairly rare type of ammunition compared to the 9mm a Glock 17 uses. You may have messed up. The only particularly reliable place to find that magazine and ammunition is probably the barracks in Science labs.

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hmm strange fact… very strange.
in real life magasine is for guns but not magasine for barrel
in game - well - in game not as in real life - magasine for barrel. hmm… ok - will search.

Magazines have to be designed to fit both the gun and the bullet being used. If the bullet is too big or too small it won’t go in the magazine. If the magazine doesn’t fit it won’t go in the gun. A fair number of guns share magazines, but I’ve never heard of a magazine that fit multiple bullets.

In this case the gun has been modified to fit a different bullet, which would realistically require replacing pretty much all of the internals. The bit that the magazine fits into is probably just designed to fit whichever magazine is most common.