Gun magazines

after i updated game and magazines are more confusing than before
my m1911 now have capcity of one .45 bullet and magazine do not fit into it while m1911a1 still works well
and looted magazines are weapon mods not ammo like magazines what i got before but my old magazines are still ammo
how magazines work now?

Um, as I understand it you have to ®eload the magazine, and then equip the weapon and just reload. It’ll grab a mag in your inv or show you a list of what you have that’s operational.

I love the new mag system once ya get used to it,
Its realy not a hassle at all and only adds even more awesomeness :slight_smile:

I currently disable magazines. Not because I don’t like the idea, 'cause I do, but because the NPCs can’t handle it yet. It basically turns them into wandering Bullet Piñatas, since they can’t reload.