Where is the code that handles the sheaths/holsters

I’ve scoured over 50k lines of code and used the search function for just about anything that would be related but alas it has alluded me. I intend to make a holster item for spears and quarter staves but not halberds and i’m not sure if i can do it through JSON only or if i need to go through the code.

src/iuse_actor.cpp lines 1952-2088 look like a good place to start, as well as data/json/items/armor/holster.json

You did try git grep holster src right? Because the relevant functions show up pretty clearly there.

Im a github newb ive been learning c++ and c# for the last year coming back from a 3 month break :slight_smile:

As a professional programmer, congratulations on teaching yourself!

But really, clone the repo to your local machine - and if that doesn’t make sense to you, learn enough git to understand it. github does a lot to make collaborating with git fairly easy, but for actual development, you want a local repository and access to the command line tools like grep and blame.


I’ve used a few different source control options before, i used github for a little while but never had to do anything beyond push and pull. I’ll figure it out though. If not ill pick up a tutorial or an extra course online.

so i just used git grep and omg i love you this thing is AMAZING! also starting to like this linux thing more then my windows haha.EDIT** The spear holster is made yay! thanks for the help.

You can install cygwin (cygwin.org) to get a Linux style bash command line and Linux tools on Windows.

If you think grep is cool, wait until you start having to do code archaeology with git blame.

I dual booted Ubuntu on my PC because my Windows installation has too many things to distract me, its essentially my quiet space. I’m comfortable learning a new OS and all the ?FUN? that comes with it.