Question about holsters

Is it currently possible to make an item that can hold more then 1 tool? Say for instance i wanted to make a hiking/travel pack that can attach multiple items (sleeping bag, hatchet etc). Can i do this with the JSON or do i need to dive into the C++ before i can make these items.

Don’t know anything about the code behind it, but I know tool belts can holster multiple items, so you may be able to look there as a reference.

Boots also used to be able to and they might still in the 0.C Stable, so you might be able to check there for reference as well.

I havent used a tool belt in a while :slight_smile: thanks for your reply, ill certainly play around with them to see if i can get the desired effects.

Check the ammo pouches, the one for legs can hold two magazines, and one of the chest ones can hold four. It may be possible to use the same syntax to make a multi-holster for guns.

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