Where in the dang are grey masses?

so i’m looking into some of the more esoteric recipes that I dragged with me out of the lab escape, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where to get the growing grey masses.
i’ve checked the item browser and wiki but no dice

You have to craft them, and they’re the highest tier of Blazemod blob vehicle parts.

I know that, but I can’t find any recipes for them

It’s kind of complicated to get them, but first of all you will need to craft a growing blob frame and then do lots of stuff with it and the stuff it will give you. I recommend reading this post for the details on that:

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Thank god for the guy who made the guide, otherwise it probably would still be a mostly unknown vehicle arch because of it’s strange developmental path…

looking through my world settings I don’t have blazemod installed
however what I understand from the gist of the thread I have to

  1. make blob frame
  2. get gel
  3. mass manufacture in enclosed area
  4. become the very monster you fought so desperately to survive

last i checked, i remember being unble to craft the first blob to start the chain of blob frames

Blazemod is also known as Vehicle Additions Pack, you probably do have it active because that is the mod that adds blobmobiles.

But to answer your questions, yes, that is basically what you will need to do.

So how long does it usually take for them to self-replicate? I’ve been gone for at least a 2-3 days and they still haven’t propagated

the dont self replicate, when is done growing, you activate it, the a blob spawns (it jsut runs, so better do it on a closed area) when you reach the blob and examine it (or bounce on it i dont remember if it works too) you deactivate it, giving you 2 of the blob frame, rinse and repeat

As I said in my last post above, it’s mainly a weird developmental path, you know blob feed in the construction thing right (corpse piles in title)? That’s what you need to do to start the process, it’s very long, and is pretty decent for mid to end game, but is still expensive to do, especiallu since it’s a must to be near: Lab, Slime pit, and Corpse pile