Guide to Blob Vehicles?

The mod that allows you to use Blob Parts on your Vehicles is of interest to me, mainly because I was hoping I could use its Liquefied Blob Feed fuel as a replacement to Diesel until I get a sizeable Cotton/Canola crop going.

Does such a guide exist, and if so, may I have a link?

Also, I’m not sure which mod adds the blob vehicle parts, so that information would be of use to me as well.

I’m not really sure how they work but blob vehicles come from Blazemod. The most up to date version of which comes with Ascension mod.


Gelatinous mass >> Oozing mass >> Gray mass >> Amorphous heart

The Amorphous Heart can be used as a liquid blob feed fed engine.

Liquid blob feed = blob feed + water.

I’m using the blazemod from a few months ago (Sept 2017?).

No known guide exists to my knowledge of using blob vehicles, but I have gotten it to work (kinda) through experimentation and looking through the files.

Using blob feed for fuel is indeed possible as there is a part for it, although I do not use it myself. The vehicle part that uses blob feed is the amorphous heart (which is also simultaneously a turret for some reason). It behaves as any other engine, but I don’t think alternators can be attached to it sadly.

The amorphous heart is a vehicle part that exists at the end of what I would call evolutionary lines for the blob parts. I call it this because blob parts are created in part from other blob parts, and the amorphous heart exists at the end of a long line of blob on blob creation.

The first thing you need to know is that there are three main levels of blob parts. Blob parts being the basic parts that assemble into generic car parts like frames, cargo, reinforcement, and wheels (this one needs water as well).

First there are the gelatinous masses (“gels” from here on out), which is the weakest and lightest blob parts.

Second come the oozes which are the sturdiest but heaviest.

Thirdly and finally come the grays, which are lighter than the oozes and has slightly less durability than the ooze.

Gels are the first thing created, which are then used to create oozes, and then oozes are used to create grays.

These three basic types of blobs, as well as every other blob part begins its life as a growing pre-mature mass of some sort. After a period of 4 hours - 2 days the items will mature and can be activated into its fully grown state and can be used. When I’m talking about blob parts I’m talking about the blob items that the character can hold in their inventory and can install into their vehicle, not blobs that walk around, or the parts directly on the vehicle.

All three basic blob parts, once matured, can be self replicated through directly through player action. Interestingly this also includes certain blob parts like gelectrodes, and gel shooters. There are two ways to self replicate them:

(1) Disassembling (or putting it on the ground and using the butcher option) a SINGLE basic blob part creates TWO pre-mature blob parts of the same type which will have to go through the growing period before it can be split again.

(2) ®eload the fully matured blob part with blob feed (250 blob feed) and activate it for the mature blob part to start spawning friendly blob monsters all around the character. Gels and grays spawn 12 each time. Oozes spawn waaaay much more so prepare for that. Walking into the blob monsters will deactivate them and turn them into their mature blob parts. Make sure to do it in an enclosed room. In my experience this should be at least 3x4 for a total of 12 empty spaces plus the character (oozes will need a far larger enclosed space). It is important to deactivate all the blob monsters because they will self replicate by themselves if you leave them alone. Enclosed spaces make it such that none can escape and wreck your base area with over population.

Long story short, use the second method first to get a good number of blob parts. Then mass disassemble them for a safer replication method.

The step by step creation:

  1. Craft 1 “growing blob frame”.
  2. Wait for it to mature.
  3. (a)ctivate the growing blob frame. You will acquire 1 gelatinous mass.
    Advice: Dupe it or ®eload it before continuing because the gelatinous mass will be used up in the creation of the next step.
  4. Craft 1 “growing ooze”.
  5. Wait for it to mature.
  6. (a)ctivate it, and receive 1 “oozing mass” (or something like that).
    Repeat the advice from above if you’d like.
  7. Craft 1 “growing gray mass”
  8. Wait for it to mature.
  9. (a)ctivate it to receive 1 gray mass.
    Repeat the advice.
  10. Craft 1 “growing mass of tendrils”
  11. Wait for it to mature.
  12. (a)ctivate it to receive your amorphous heart.

It’s important to preserve at least one of the three basic blob parts since replication is almost free, and these parts are used for all sort of branching off parts.


Do you need to find a specific book before doing this?

No books are necessary, but a 6+ level of cooking skill and some fabrication skill is required.

Alright, got the heart. What now? Can I run anything off Liquefied Blob Feed? I tried making some and it turns out this stuff is super heavy, but also really high energy.

No idea on whether it’s possible to run other stuff off liquefied blob feed.

Just gotta install the amorphous heart onto a vehicle, put a tank in, fill it with LBF and see if it runs.

And yeah, I forgot how heavy LBF was.

You mentioned that LBF has really high energy content. How do you check the energy content of something?

Guzzle it down with the Internal Furnace~!

EDIT: Just checked. LBF has roughly 8 times the energy density of Gasoline.
For some odd reason, my amorphous heart refuses to run on LBF. Perhaps I’m supposed to be using all blob parts?

Maybe you need two hearts. Looking at the json it looks like hearts are engines and controls so you might need seperate ones as each. They’re also apparently seats.

If you’re running the ascension variant I simplified blobcars a ton and made them stupidly overpowered for my own selfish reasons. Now it’s:
Craft amorphous heart
Get gelatinous mass from it
Make car frames with masses and install heart for engine
Heart runs on batteries
Oozing pod (made by applying the product of the craft of 3 gelatinous masses I think it’s oozing something or the other) can be installed to make a slimy solar array which is both a battery with decent storage and a solar panel on par with the solar array
All parts have 40 K durability (10/15 times stronger than steel) simulate regeneration and because repairing stuff every five steps is annoying
So basically you have a hyper fast car that is nearly indestructible, runs on solar energy that collects faster than the engine can use it and is made by crafting a bunch of mutagen so it’s basically locked until you get to a lab.


The art and science of chemical warfare will get you mutagen. I’ve found that in schools.

Oh that’s nice.
Still, you need 20 blob globs, 8 cooking for the mutagen and a bunch of other junk. I could cut down the mutagen requirement and only make it require mutagenic serum, currently it’s 9 mutagen or 3 serums. It’s not meant to be balanced anyway so it’s not that big a deal.

Don’t mean to revive this thread suddenly, but has anyone furthered the guide for blob vehicles

It’s pretty simple to get a handle on once you work out the basic ‘chain’ of goo.

The first thing you want is to searched under ‘frames’, there will be one that uses tainted bones and goo and all sorts of nasty junk. Once you’ve got that crafted, you’ll find you can’t set it down like a normal frame. -At least not yet.

Once it’s ‘ready’, after roughly a day you’ll have a Gelatanous Mass, the most basic of the ‘structure’ blocks. You deconstruct the Mass to give you another two growing pieces that will be ready in an hour, or simply feed them (reload them) with blob feed and activate to force them to split.

That’s how you duplicate almost every goo part in the mod. It takes time, or feed, but once you’ve created a part it’s usually pretty cheap to make more.

Structure Blocks like Gelatanous Mass can make pretty much any ‘structural’ component for your blob vehicle. Frames, Doors, Plating. You also can craft them into Wheels or Tanks, via the craft menu seperately.

Now, Gelatanous Mass is the weakest, and you need to work on upgrading it. -Which is pretty simple, all things considering. Search ‘mass’ in the crafting menu and you’ll see what you’re working with. Look for Mass that requires what you currently have. You’ll need a lot of feed and mutagen, but once you’ve made the investment, you can normally just split and farm your new types of blobs until you have as many as you need or want.

There are three types of Structural Mass, one ‘electrical’ Mass that does loads of electrical related things, and at the end of the structural chain you can making a tentacled mass that fuctions as a seat, control center, turret mount, and engine. Everything else is a multitude of turrets, with some having dual-purpose.

You aren’t required to make your blob out of only blob parts, feel free to add quantum solar panels and whatever you like -But if you do make it blob only, you’ll have the the ability to casually pick up your entire blob-cart and store it as if it was foldable.

Sorry if that was still kind of vague, but part of the fun of the mod is the discovery of what all it contains, so hopefully that’s enough to get your started.


Sorry for the necro.

I remember being able to place the blob turrets without the need of a turret mount (or at least the weakest ones gel shooter) or im in the wrong?

Second, the gelectrode can make loose batteries, does this pose any threat of corruption to a save file?

I think legacy batteries mod might fix that. It’s mainlined so it should be fine.

I’ve still found loose batteries in a few lab finales alongside quantum solar panels and the like, so I doubt it.