Where do you get some of the items to craft mutagen?

–For the very moment I’m mostly worried about trying to get either plant marrow, biollante bud, or datura seeds. Cuz I wanna be a tree!

Plant marrow and biollante buds come from Triffids. Datura seeds can be harvested from the little pinkish datura plants in fields.

Datura seeds are seasonal though…

Good thing my asthmatic character who’s relying on them for asthma control (saving the oxygen tanks for when I’m trying to sleep and the stim from datura would keep me awake) got a few hundred collected before winter.

When it’s in season datura is amazingly easy to stock up on as long as you know what it looks like. Just mouse over every bush you see until you find out what it looks like on your tileset.

The one time I used datura I spent the evening tripping balls. Is there a way to avoid that at all?

@darktoes You can use it for crafting recipes, instead of eating it, if you don’t eat it you won’t trip off it (obviously).

I didn’t know they could be used for asthma control, how does that work @proxiehunter?

If you’ve got it Thorazine, just like if your character is schizophrenic. My preference though is to hole up in a safe place and do some book reading or crafting while I wait for the hallucinations to wear off. Even if you’re out in the open a lot of hallucinations are obviously not real, an irradiated walker didn’t show up when you’re obviously not in the necropolis, a fungal tower didn’t just suddenly appear in the middle of the street, NPC followers are dumb but not going to ignore enemies that are attacking them, etc.

Eat one, your characters asthma attack ends. But you do have to deal with all of the other effects of the datura. Inhalers or oxygen tanks are prefered obviously but in much shorter supply than datura seeds.

Edit: I wonder if it’s stim level related. I’m going to try doing a line of coke next time my character has an asthma attack and see if that works too. I know in real life it’s said that a cup of hot coffee can offer some relief if you don’t have access to your inhaler so it might actually be tied to stim in the game.

–Just to mention, on retrodays tile set datura is white not pink.
–I never even thought about eating datura, even though it obviously shows nutritional value. Is there anything good you can make out of it other than plant mutagen?
–Also, when you say ‘tripping balls’ I assume you mean hallucinating? One of Keith’s bionics makes him supposedly hallucinate, but I’m fairly certain hallucinations can’t physically hurt you. So unless the hundreds of super speedy pigeons are what Keith is hallucinating about, then either he lucked out with not getting the negative effects (other than the direct stat changes) or it’s bugged.
–What happens if you don’t deal with asthma in the game? Is it possible to die from it, or does it just give terrible effects? I’ve never messed around with putting it on my character since I didn’t know how it worked and didn’t want another way to die.

It can be used to make a syringe of adrenaline, pink tablets, and anti-parasitic drugs. And yes it makes you hallucinate, mostly a lot of monsters that aren’t actually there. If you have something on hand to suppress an asthma attack with you’ll be fine. According to the wiki, which may be out of date, if you don’t suppress the attack (the means I’m aware of being an inhaler, an oxygen tank, or a datura seed) you get 50-200 turns of asthma cutting your speed by (duration of the attack)/5 and reducing strength by 2 and dexterity by 3. You can have attacks before the duration of the current one expires, if the duration is 800 or higher it’s listed as “Heavy Asthma” and if the duration exceeds 1200 you die.

As you can see it take a lot of attacks without doing anything about them to kill your character. Most of the time the worst case scenario is a severe reduction in speed and lowered strength and dex. It requires an absolute catastrophe to die from the asthma itself. Dying from not being able to outrun something on the other hand . . .

Problem is I was trying to sleep. Maybe they fixed it now but at the time every time a hallucination took a swing at me my character woke up and lost his shit.

That and the 21 stim is why I use oxygen tanks for asthma control when I’m trying to sleep. Datura is for daytime control to conserve oxygen.

That’s interesting stuff, thanks proxiehunter. I haven’t played with an asthmatic character, but maybe will give it a go in the future.

If you put a blindfold on you will still see hallucinations, thereby determining whether they are just that. That is if it’s not something obvious like the IrradiatedWanderer or FungalTower. The blindfold is probably not usually needed but I found it interesting none the less.

Have you tried wearing some of mouth gear that provides environmental protection?

Picking mutated poppies without at least a mouth filter will cause the character to fall asleep involuntarily.

I assume it’s the same for daturas.

I think any mouth covering with environmental protection will do including the aforementioned filter. Any of the head equipment from firefighter zombies will probably work if they cover the mouth. Just make sure to take the thing off if things get hairy because they’re quite encumbering.

I’ve had no issues picking datura…

PICKING Datura is fine, that’s not the problem. The problem is when you eat the seeds. They give a painkilling effect and help with some things but also make you hallucinate.

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Suddenly reminds me of a game called Unturned, were if you don’t turn your berries into cooked stuff (and even then it might happen) then you’ll start hallucinated like crazy. Do not take it in the middle of a fight of zombies, you don’t want all your controls to be reverse, or to see fake zombies to distract you, or various other things. Unless you just like to take the equivalent of drugs in the game for some strange reason, since the only ‘drugs’ in there are medicinal that only help.

mutated poppies are pretty dangerous, pick them without protection and you get knocked out - with the poppy eating your legs.