Where did the toxic flag go?

alright: i’m gonna ask it here because for the life of me i cant find it anywhere on github… and people on reddit keep asking about mutant meat.
when/where/why was the toxic flag removed from the game? i can only assume that it was removed due to the nutritional mod because thats the only place i’ve seen anyone mention it, but only insofar as them ‘fixing’ toxicity on mutant meat or freezing vitamins on mutant meat.

obviously the mutant meat is SUPPOSED to be dangerous and you shouldn’t eat it… where did the system to punish you for eating it go?

In git b85c4a930b I see toxins under content, so … nowhere?

and now its back again…

i’m confused.

… oh~ it just got changed from toxic flag to ’ “vitamins”: [ [ “mutant_toxin”, 52 ] ] ’

so it does the same thing, but is now vitamins compatable.

Have YOU had your RDA of Vitamin M̸̱̈́ ?

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