Flavored Mutagen-where'd the reactions go?

I was going to proofread the reaction messages for the various Mutagens uneron created, but now I can’t find them. They used to be in iuse.cpp; I’ve checked there and in comestibles.json.

Did the flavor text get deleted in Kevin’s refactor, moved someplace non-obvious, or something else?

It’s all moved into iuse::mutagen now, as far as I’m aware.

OK, I just looked again and all that’s there is a 2-in-3 chance to mutate. Not sure what happened to the “You feel X” messages; shame, that, as I thought they added a nifty amount of flavor.

void iuse::mutagen(game *g, player *p, item *it, bool t) { if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_STRONG") ) { p->mutate(g); if (!one_in(3)) p->mutate(g); if (one_in(2)) p->mutate(g); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_PLANT") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "You feel much closer to nature."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_PLANT); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_INSECT") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "You hear buzzing and feel your body harden."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_INSECT); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_SPIDER") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "You feel insidious."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_SPIDER); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_SLIME") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "Your body looses all rigidity for a moment."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_SLIME); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_FISH") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "You are overcome by an overwhelming longing for the ocean."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_FISH); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_RAT") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "You feel a momentary nausea."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_RAT); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_BEAST") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "Your heart races and you see blood for a moment."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_BEAST); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_CATTLE") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "Your mind and body slows down. You feel peaceful."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_CATTLE); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_CEPHALOPOD") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "Your mind is overcome by images of eldritch horros for a moment."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_CEPHALOPOD); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_BIRD") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "Your body lightens and you long for the sky."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_BIRD); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_LIZARD") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "For a heartbeat your body cools down."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_LIZARD); } else if( it->has_flag("MUTAGEN_TROGLOBITE") ) { g->add_msg_if_player(p, "You feel more adapted for dark caves."); p->mutate_category(g, MUTCAT_TROGLO); } else { if (!one_in(3)) { p->mutate(g); } } }

Are you sure you’re looking at the right version of the file? Because I’m seeing a bunch of messages like that.

I guess I’m not: my fork only pulled the code as of 03Jun. I thought it updated automatically. Unfortunately, I use the online shell, not the command line–any ideas on how to get my repo to update from mainline?

Isn’t that about the time we switched from TDW’s repo, to the CleverRaven one?

I think you’ll need to update where your remote repository is pointing to, not sure how to do that with your client though.

Good thinking
it says CleverRaven as the fork source. Unless TDW was CleverRaven at some point, I think that’s not the culprit. :frowning:

In that case… not sure. Did it auto-update in the past?

If not, then it’s probably some other issue, and I unfortunately don’t know your client well enough to help.

NINJA EDIT: Wait, does it say that the fork source is CleverRaven in Github, or in your git client? Because Github’s website, at least, is smart and auto-updates that, but my local repo didn’t.

Looks like the client is the problem. It was dated to April 18. Updating now; may have to nuke it and start over. No worries, nothing important there.

So far all the git help pages lurve them their command lines. X-(

Update: Client nuked and rebuilt. Updated files acquired. Proofreading made in a branch; pull request sent.