Where did that loudspeaker trap come from!?

Returning from a night raid I and two of my mutant followers unloaded our loot from the boat into a trolley and headed down between some buildings for our home base. Then we heard it: ‘COME THIS WAY DUMB ASS!’ It gave me a hell of a fright.

I approached somewhat cautiously and heard it again: ‘THIS IS A TRAP’ which I thought was nice😀. Most critters in this game don’t extend you that sort of courtesy warning.

By this time I was fully freaked out. I abandoned the trolley, switched on my night vision bionic and moved down to where the ruckass was coming from. It warned me again: ‘IF YOU AREN’T A ZOMBIE DON’T COME NEAR’. Finally I saw tucked behind a car I had been stripping down and next to my outdoor
Power Grid - a loudspeaker with a nasty looking blade trap. Despite its kindly warning it was showing as ‘hostile’.

I headed down into our den (basement) grabbed my control laptop and turned it off. The other mutant guy who had been hanging at the base because he was asleep when we set out came running up to meet me but disclaimed all knowledge. So, where the #@&£ did it come from?! It didn’t have wheels and even if it did why did it suddenly show up? I’m used to zombies turning up all the time to my patch of (cleared) land (my trusty zweihander, don’t leave home without it :wink: ) but this was something new.

I do have an NPC that I’ve been trying and failing to recruit. Do you think he got so annoyed with my repeated 'oh come onnnn!!'s that he did it as a prank? That would be cool.

I was also very surprised to see such ting for the first time. In my opinion loudspeaker was designed by some survivor technicians in laboratory or factory, along with some delivery system. Loudspeakers (probably) can be deployed by some robotic helicopters, drones or ground vehicles.

These things can add some additional variety to CDDA cities, let’s play and see how will we adopt to such city changes.