Where can i get milk?

Where can i get some milk?if i found one its rotten…

Visit farms until you find a cow, feed it cattle feed to tame it, milk the cow to get fresh milk.

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And then dehydrate the milk so it doesn’t instantly rot.

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You can turn rotten one into milk dust, then rehydrate it, ta daaaa

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That sounds like some sort of bug or something that was simply overlooked. That should be changed unless there is logical reasoning for that.

Sort of, but if thinkin logicaly, rehydrotated milk is not really milk. Just an part of it, lactose mostly, during chemical process I think, you can purificate it.

If we can make mutagen, why we cant make normal milk from moldy

“Where can I get milk?”

…depends on how friendly you are with the lady you knocked up mate :wink:
(keep in mind in reality, cows would be less likely than people)


That cute bdsm joke :joy: