Is there milk in dairy farm?

So, I found a dairy farm, full of tightly sealed tanks. Is there milk inside? Is there a way to access it? I tried a wood spile or a faucet, but can’t find a way to use it.

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There is neither milk nor cattle fodder at a dairy farm. However, if the cows are still alive and you can craft some cattle fodder (requires Cooking 2, Survival 2, and 5 wild vegetables), then you can:

  1. Move next to a non-hostile cow.
  2. 'a’ctivate the cattle fodder to feed it to the cow, making the cow friendly.
  3. 'e’xamine the cow and select the 'm’ilk option, allowing you to transfer up to 2.5L of milk from the cow into a nearby container per day.

Uh. There were no cows at the dairy farm I found. I wonder if they wandered away or something. Are they guaranteed to spawn?

And for future reference, anything “tightly sealed” is only really good for parts and scrap.

Cows aren’t guaranteed to spawn at a dairy farm, but it’s very likely. Every dairy farm I’ve ever been to had 5-7 cows at it, though nearby monsters start attacking them as soon as the farm enters the reality bubble. If you drove past the farm a couple of weeks ago without investigating, it’s possible the zombies killed them and the corpses rotted before you got back.