Where can I find multivitamins?

Due to bad RNG, I have very few of them in possession and I have never learned where to find them. I killed literally over a hundred zombies in a giant pile and found none on them. Are they are more reliable ways to get them?

Pharmacy’s and bathrooms are usually your best bet. Even grocery stores might have some, and doctor’s offices might. And hospitals, of course.


I find loads of them in houses, definitely some bad luck or maybe your item spawns are turned down?


I’m going to say it’s RNG. Used to be I’d find them in piles while looting houses. My last run, with item generation nearly doubled, I found one stack of 20 multivitamin over the course of an entire in-game year. I was actually paying a lot of attention to this because it was the first time I was playing with regular nutrition. I’ve found hundreds of calcium supplements in that same period of time and many other medical items.

Either someone turned down the spawns (seems really unlikely) or you and I are both just unlucky.

EDIT: Of course, I say all that and then start playing that save. Found a stack of 20 multivitamins in a grocery store, and another 20 stack in a house right next to it. Hooray . . .


I have excessive stacks of them in every game I’ve played, zombies drop them worst case.

Sometimes, the rng just avoids certain items in some worlds. The current game I’m playing, it was over 30 hours before I found a wrench or a sewing kit. One game, I couldn’t find disinfectant ever. It just happens that way.

Damn RNG. I have to find 200 multivitamins for a mission, i already found 100 in tha past 4 in-game years , i hope it will be less than another 4 years to find the rest. I cleared a mall and the only hospital i found, there was everything except multivitamin…:sob:

Now i search in houses and doctor’s offices, veterinarian’s clinics, also i will raid a megastore. I write the grocery stores to my list…

The game generates boat loads of 1 thing quite often. I have a huge problem in my current game finding first-aid kits. I’ve found 12 in 1 year amongst many hospitals and pharmacies. It is up the the game to giveth and taketh away XD

Just for the record, after half year in-game search for multivitamins i gave up and figured out a coordinate of one multivitamin spawn from the save. In that half year i found several gummy vitamins and other drugs, so i think multivitamin is too rare for a mission item…

Still less rare than a gorram wrench.

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Went through a whole city looking for one… Found one by finding a toolbox in the middle of the road and taking it apart.

Why did you take the toolbox apart? You can use the toolbox as a wrench.

was making the survivor’s utl belt.