Vacutainer catch 22?

So, I was hoping to make a few NX-17 charge rifles, one for myself and a couple more for my bitchin’ electric killdozer. Turns out I need a vacutainer for each one. Fair enough. Ok, so where do I get vacutainers? Oh, only from disassembling NX-17 charge rifles you say? EXCELLENT.

So is this really a case of an item that can only be crafted by disassembling an intact version of the item? Or is there some other place you can find these vacutainers that the wiki and item browser don’t mention?

I think I found a few in FEMA camps, they’re not very common, ~1 every 2 or 3 camps maybe?

Try a hospital.

They also may spawn in hospitals, and I think the rifle itself sometimes spawns in cave and black widow nests, but you still have a lot of looting to do.

Ah, so they do sometimes spawn naturally then. I was wondering why there was even a recipe for the gun otherwise. Thanks for the advice!

They spawn in hospitals, FEMA camps, and maybe labs.

Hospitals are by far your best bet. As they are a common spawn there. I got around 10 last time I raided a hospital.

I’m pretty sure I found one in a lab, yeah. =3