Extra-low (0.01) item spawn rates world limitation in current experimental (what to kill to get X?)

Got back to playing after several months, and normally I like playing with extra-low (0.01) item spawn rate.
However, with the new changes, I really wonder how viable it is.
Are there any crucial items that can’t be looted from mobs or crafted? (I’ve heard anesthetic kits for bionics might be one…?)
More practical question:
Where would be the best place to look for antibiotics for an “infected” start in such world, assuming I can kill pretty much anything (as long as there aren’t too many at once). Any particular type of Z’s I should try hunting for?

I actually don’t remember looting any antibiotics from zeds. Considering that you have only about a day to find a cure, well, you’re pretty much not going to make it.

p.s.: the wiki says that infections can be treated with royal jelly. you can try fighting a swarm of angry bees to get the desired cure if that’s your vision of the apocalypse.

Soldiers and scientists do drop them for sure, just rarely.
And you only really have 8-16 hours. After that you just lose consciousness and die in agony for the next 8 hours.

Well, that brings the question of finding a beehive within 8-16 hours. Just as !FUN!
Also, is royal jelly a guaranteed drop in beehive…?

No idea. Wiki says that it spawns in the center cell of the bee hive, but the info may be outdated.

Props for playing with ultra low spawn rates. I play with .30 and .40 spawn rates as I find its a good balance of scarcity. With this low however finding antibiotics is going to be a challenge. I would probably opt for the trait that lets you overcome them more often as your only going to find them off Z’s like someone else already posted. Otherwise they can be found in a host of other places if your super lucky.

Hospitals, Ambulances, houses now have a version that is less powerful.

Sooo, a bit of an update:

  • bee hives do NOT spawn a guaranteed royal jelly.
  • ambulances are still your best bet at finding antibiotics (assuming you can survive dealing with whoever is guarding it).
  • soldiers and scientists still drop antibiotics sometimes, but the chances are pretty low
  • NPC’s have a fair chance of having some antibiotics to spare. Even your guaranteed starting NPC can have some (making this scenario ridiculously trivial).

Regular zombies have a chance to have meds on them. And police zombies also have a chance to drop first aid kits and some other specials drop medicine as well.

I was just casually driving by, when suddenly…

I wish, lol.
So far I’m having a blast playing this, but I consistently get exactly two possible outcomes:

  • antibiotics are found within first 10 in-game minutes (boring and not really fun)
  • antibiotics are never found within 24 hours even after I searched dozens of soldiers/scientists and numerous ambulances.

Eh, at least now I know that a bionic prepper can consistently clear out bee hive with just the starting gear even when infected. Not that it helps, though, since royal jelly is NOT a guaranteed spawn.

Isn’t royal jelly pretty hard to craft? I’d spend the time looking for antibiotics in bathrooms or ambulances, perhaps doctors offices/vets if you can manage it. 16 hours in if you can’t find it, just go to sleep for a last chance to cure it randomly (it can happen).

With 0.01 item spawn? Yea, not going to find anything there except for ambulances (those have much better loot tables).

You need 5 points in cooking and a chemistry 2 tool, and it’s made from a honey comb, and either oxidizer powder, purifier, or bleach. The tool and the skill are the hardest things to get. The chemistry set is a lot more common now thanks to mobile meth labs and such.

So, in practical terms, your best best to find antibiotics is the last box (closes to the rear exit) in the ambulance.

The chance is fair even in 0.01 world, and you can see if there is something in that box from a distance (without checking it out in person).