Where can i find mi-go camps and hub 01?

Im clueless as to where they are.

on my save game, hub 01 is near the refugee center. while migo camps are on fields, sometimes beside the roads. idk, maybe random. if you see multiple mi gos, that means theres a camp nearby.

Thanks for the info!

becarefull tho that migos have terrifying weapon

Locations are random.

Hub01 has shown up in every game I’ve played recently, and I usually find it in the first overmap section, so just look around a bit.

Pretty sure someone had said its spawn frequency was high as it was getting new content and they wanted feedback?

Shop around, you’ll find it.

its all randomly generated, you might get lucky with it near spawn, or it might be 600+ tiles away like i did

generally i’ve found that mii-go towers seem to spawn in fields. they’re alot more common than you’d expect.
hub001 is a bit more of a rare spawn, however I have found 2 hubs in only 4 overmaps before

In the experimental versions, to find the hub 01 more consistently you need to go to the refuge center and ask the merchant ‘have you heard anything about the rest of the world?’
This will start a chain of dialogue that will start mission to deliver ‘FEMA data’ to hub 01, which is now marked on your map.

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