Landscaping Supply Co - Clay

Is the clay in the Landscaping Supply Co meant to be usable? I cannot extract it, and clay is RED in construction menu. Feature or bug? Or am I a retard and doing something wrong?

Tested in experimental build 0.E-11157, I can not reproduce this bug.

Do you have a shovel on/near your character?

Other than that:

  • Version?
  • Operating System?
  • Mods?

This was recently added/updated/fixed in the experimental branch. Stable versions won’t be able to get the clay (until 0.F stable of course).

Ah, thanks, I’m using 0.E-5988-gb8bbd5a (tiles). Figured it just hadn’t been updated.

In that version you have to smash the mound of clay to get lump of clay from it.