When is Dual wielding/handling gonna be added?

I’ve read it would be implemented but when? I want to carry a duffel bags in each of my hands.

There is no timetable for that now, but I’m very happy to hear you talk about carrying bags, not dual-wielding handguns or stuff like that. You will have to settle for carrying a large cardboard box or a 200L drum for now.

Yeah dual wielding weapons is not a viable combat option. But dual wielding bags and such would make for a better way of transporting loot. For the combat purpose, it would be used for wielding shields on the other hand.

Honestly I think the game engine should be able to handle dual-wielding handguns, but in a realistic manner similar to using two handed weapons, specifically, you can’t do it unless both hands are free, and having both hands occupied with guns shuts down a LOT of other options you might want to have in a fight, like needing a free hand to reload your guns, forcing dual wielders to drop/holster one before reloading the other (or do it automatically with a MASSIVE move cost).

I can picture my cephalopod mutant character with her four tentacle arms standing in an intersection, a machine gun aimed down each street. I’m going to have to find more ammo. :grin:

The only viable types of dual wielding would be one handed weapon with shield (is historically accurate and realistic), one handed weapon with gun/crossbow and one handed weapon with knife (knife is more usefull as a weapon if a opponent is grappling you than a standard weapon).

Can’t think of any other combo that would really be usefull.

edit: Some weapon and a net might also work even if only to tangle up a opponent for a few moments too give some oppenings too strike.

According to YouTubers who actually seems to know a bit about fighting with historical weapons, almost anything reasonably sensible can be used in the off hand. A cloak has been used historically, because it’s better for parrying than not having anything, and a stick can be used for parrying, as can a second sword, but these options are inferior to using a shield in the off hand.
As a guess, a main single handed weapon plus dagger may be better against zombies than against human opponents, as zombies aren’t exactly into self protection and are very prone to grapple.

I’m actually very surprised that there isn’t any shield in the game: technical difficulties about implementing them, I take it.
Especially if you are not that skilled, a shield and a weapon is a pretty easy/safe setup if you have to fight in melee. I’d say, shield and either a one-handed spear (hitting while they can’t hit you) or some kind of mace (not much need for finesse with those: just swing and try to hit. Anywhere you strike will hurt).

There’s an old version where there is a medieval mod with it. It added shields and other such items. But the mod is not in the currentl stable. Maybe no one has maintained it.

I’m sure a lot of people against dual-wielding weapons historical realism and such as a basis, but it’s important to consider the difference between fighting another fella with a sword versus fighting a zombie who just blindly runs at you, clawing and grabbing and biting
Dual-wielding things you need to swing is still pretty bad and would lead to issues with one arm/weapon getting in the way of the other
However, piercing weapons might be great when dual wielded against mindless undead
Of course, these types of things should be impossible or just hugely penalized unless you’re at a certain level of both whichever skill and dexterity.
Guns is another matter. While dual-wielding handguns is cool, it’s really REALLY hard to aim like that, and I’d say it should significantly reduce the range of the weapons. Would be a great way to make the like forty 9mm handguns I have still useful though

Dual wielding shotguns would be more my taste, or just go for dual wielding flintlocks for piraty historical realism.

Honestly dual-wielding shotguns would be bad-ice as heck

I’ve shot a few shotguns that didn’t blow off my arm so maybe it’d be viable (I know almost nothing about shotguns so I can’t speak to how realistic it’d be)

You know, I don’t actually how committed to realism the main contributors are, so maybe it’d be implemented from the cool factor alone