Two hands

like right hand and left hand, and you can wield 2 itens.


Actually when I had 4 tentacles i was annoyed with one cut attack and 3 slaps. So a good idea but not high on a list of things I’d like to see.

I don’t understand why you’d be flat-out opposed to the idea. The benefits of having both hand slots are quite numerous, such as:

-Being able to wear shields
-Being a badass gunslinger with two handguns
-Holding an item in your off-hand to carry it when you don’t have the volume to do it normally, while still being able to fight with a regular weapon in your main hand

The only thing to figure out would be the penalties incurred by having both hands tied up. I can imagine it would give you a penalty to hit, as well as perhaps making you unable to consume drugs or other types of food without putting one of the things down.

Of course, the other only thing to figure out is whether it’s possible to implement without a significant overhaul of the code.

Wielding 2 items at once would give you decent penalties like innability to use items, increased recoil, lower hit chance, etc. Maybe add skill or perk that lower penalties, possibly add mutation, like tentacles, that allow you to use more than 2 items, though it might require some (a lot) of coding to implement.

In the long run I think the game would benefit from having the ability to use both hands so coding wouldn’t be that big of a problem.

I wish to be Roland.

Seconding the Tentacles problem. I’d expected to be able to grapple using them.

In before people suggest dual wielding melee weapons. I suggest 9001 encumberance to the hands and a further penalty to the head.

Also, I want to hold stuff in my mouth, and maybe in the crevice at the other end of the digestive system. Bonus volume if I pick drug mule as one of my historical factors.

Why don’t we have this?

Definitely needed, with severe penalties for long range combat, as well as dual-wielding melee weapons. Holding a crowbar and a shield for instance is absolutely marvelous and the existing system of strapping it to your arm and hand makes them absolutely worthless.

Why would it be a good idea to implement thought: The ability to swing several 1 handed weapons like a rebar, crowbar or a hatchet with 2 hands would give a slight bonus to damage, while wielding a shield does negate this effect. Since shields give quite a massive amount of encumberance it makes them feel completely obsolete. As a newer character the encumbrance and penalty for melee attacks as well as the aiming penalty fails to make the purpose of a shield clear.
A survivor can definitely block a LOT of bites from a zombie this way, holding it between himself and the attacker as long as only a single enemy is there while even using it to keep the enemy in place (if it’s a said zombie at least). The way it is now, while it gives quite a bit of defensive stats, those are only counted for the respective body part as much as I know, while actually making him even more vulnerable to attacks, which fails the intention of a shield after all.
Depending on what type of material is used for a shield it could even be used as a way to negate damage from ranged weapons, riot shields would be a great implementation, giving a new way of dealing with low caliber turrets as one could simply move close while it gets damaged slowly, using grenades and similar items from within shooting range --> more tactical options for clearing out science labs for instance instead of taking hits left and right for no reason at all.

First off why was this thread revived, it’s old.

Second if you bothered to read Kevin Granade’s Frequently Made Suggestions thread you would see that he’s already addressed dual wielding.

As for shields, it might be part of one of the mods I’m using, but I did find a tactical shield in a SWAT truck, and it provided a very large amount of protection for something I just found super early. It has the ‘Shield’ ability and according to the combat logs it’s absorbing some damage for every single attack thrown at me, even though according to its summary it only covers 45% of one hand. So it only applies the encumbrance to one hand but the ‘Shield’ ability makes it protect any part of my body. On top of that, I’m able to 'a’ctivate the shield, causing it to cover more body parts and give a passive 75% coverage but slowing me down, turning it into an effective bullet stopper. As far as I’m concerned this is a fair and extremely useful implementation for shields until the devs want to implement them more realistically, if that’s even necessary. I believe arm guards with the ‘Block’ ability work the same way, only encumbering the arms but blocking damage from any angle.

Is that everything? Yes? Good. I suggest to stop making dual wielding suggestions. Kevin is already aware of the concept of dual wielding. If it’s implemented there will be penalties for dual wielding weapons. At best you can minimize those penalties with a combination of high skill and learned combat styles, notably Eskrima, Niten Ichi-Ryu, and Medieval Swordsmanship.