We should be able to use both hands instead of just one

It can seem to kind of funny how I can only wield one item in my hands instead of two at once. For example being able to hold a rock in right hand and a metal scrap in the other.
Of course this should come with a good penalty for dexterity if you’re using one hand to hold a weapon and an item in the other, and some items should be impossible to use without both hands.
However one trait a person could have is a martial stance from melee training that allows a person to dual wield items without a dexterity penalty

It has been stated in the past that dual wielding might eventually get in the game, but it would be very different from classic video game dual wielding in that it will not be a practical option to use. Read the details here:

Also, since you seem to like coming up with ideas and suggestions for the game have you considered contributing? You don’t have to be a programmer to do so and there is a very good guide to help you get started.

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I know it would be very practical which is why I proposed a heavy dexterity limitation

However one trait/mutation a person could have is “ambidextrous” that would remove penalties
Perhaps you could even mutate or attach extra bionic limbs?

Maybe a reduction in penalties, definitally not a removal in penalties and even then, only I’d say with a small off hand weapon. No dual wielding longswords or the like, it would be stupid for someone to try and impractical to the extremes.
You’d either be striking with one blade at a time or you’d be making the same strike with both blades at the same time. Either of those would throw off your stance, balance and footwork or be pointless. Historically dual wielding was almost exclusively reserved for a main weapon and a parrying weapon, which is little different then a main weapon and a shield.

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I’d actually like to see bonuses for wielding some weapons in two hands that don’t necessarily require it. A baseball bat, for instance, can definitely be swung effectively in one hand, but is much more effective if you use both.

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I came up with a conversation thread discussing this very topic a while ago. The topic got in depth aabout throwing and having an off hand for other purposes than shooting. Such as sword fighting with a stilletto in the off hand…maybe a similar conversation. In any event I have no idea if Kevin or the other devs implemented my idea into any practical measure. But if you cannot throw with a debuff whileholding a gun or other object in hand. Then the thread nor my system fell upon deaf ears. Though most people thought it was a sound system.

It details the logic of a aerodynamic object being more capable of being thrown than a pitch fork. Other odd ball objects without rationale for why one object can be thrown and do stuff compared to other random crap.