When are berries, nuts, and fruits ripe in the wild?

Basically I’ve found tons of useful berries and trees around my base, and I want to take advantage of that. I looked for a centralized list of what stuff is ripe for harvest at what time, but didn’t find anything like that.

Where can I find this information?

I am afraid my post wont be helpfull very much, but you can check game code. It is written in an easy way that even people with zero programming experience (like me) can understand quite a lot. But where to search is another story.

Indeed, the json was easier to find that expected – I wasted time looking in the actual CODE and couldn’t find it.

Anyway –

I’ve left out most of the things that aren’t strictly edible. It’s possible I missed something, there are a lot more than I thought there were. Spoilers ahead, blah blah, etc.

blackjack, willow, pine, birch basically all year round, though I believe willows die in the winter?

Spring - Apparently nothing

Summer - Elderberry, mulberry, plum, apricot, peach, cherry, grape, raspberry, huckleberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry.

Autumn - Pecan, almond, pistachio, hickory, coffee, pear, apple, hazelnut, beech, chestnut, walnut, peanut.

Winter - Also apparently nothing.

This information appears in terrain.json. If you’re running mods that add harvestable trees/bushes, they’ll probably be listed with the other terrain for consistency’s sake.

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Thanks! So do they just come ripe once at the start of the season? Do they go bad on the plant, or is it better to leave some of them ‘on the vine’? Do they all disappear at the start of the next season?

Some things have changed recently with seasons and such, so I’m not sure.

BUT, IIRC it used to be that they were harvested once per season, and when the season changed they immediately became active or inactive, like when the forageable grass refreshes at the start of the season.

95+% sure harvesting is done by simply comparing the result of: whatever_the_get__current_season_method_is() to the havestable seasons so effects are immediate.

Maple trees can be tapped in spring but idk what other seasons.

Ah, that makes sense. I probably should have realized that’s all it would be. I wasn’t sure if the temperature had something to do with it.

With the new much longer default seasons someone may want to review whether it’s worth it to have the bushes and trees refresh a couple times over the course of the season (~once a month?), or add some randomization to when they go ripe, or something along those lines.

Most of these berries don’t actually generate multiple crops per season - but they often do have enough variance in ripening times that it kind of has the same effect.