Adding a tree that can be harvested year round

I’m trying to add juniper trees, which near as I can tell have berries in varying stages of ripeness year round, but omitting harvest_season in the terrains json definition seems to default to autumn.

[ { "type" : "terrain", "id" : "t_tree_juniper", "name": "juniper tree", "symbol": "7", "color": [ "ltblue", "ltblue", "ltblue", "brown" ], "move_cost": 0, "flags": ["FLAMMABLE_ASH", "NOITEM", "SUPPORTS_ROOF", "TREE", "REDUCE_SCENT"], "harvestable": "juniper_berries", "examine_action": "harvest_tree_shrub", "transforms_into": "t_tree_juniper_harvested", "bash": { "str_min": 80, "str_max": 180, "sound": "crunch!", "sound_fail": "whack!", "ter_set": "t_dirt", "items": [ { "item": "stick", "count": [3, 10] }, { "item": "splinter", "count": [10, 25] } ] } }, { "type" : "terrain", "id" : "t_tree_juniper_harvested", "name": "juniper tree", "symbol": "7", "color": [ "ltblue", "ltblue", "ltblue", "brown" ], "move_cost": 0, "flags": ["FLAMMABLE_ASH", "NOITEM", "SUPPORTS_ROOF", "TREE", "REDUCE_SCENT", "HARVESTED"], "harvestable": "juniper_berries", "examine_action": "harvest_tree_shrub", "transforms_into": "t_tree_juniper", "bash": { "str_min": 80, "str_max": 180, "sound": "crunch!", "sound_fail": "whack!", "ter_set": "t_dirt", "items": [ { "item": "stick", "count": [3, 10] }, { "item": "splinter", "count": [10, 25] } ] } } ]

Is there any way to get a tree to produce fruit in every season?

look at maple trees, apples, underbrush, blueberry bush.

shoud be a tag

Can harvest_season accept multiple seasons or will that throw errors?

edit: that throws errors, never-mind.

EDIT, ROUND 2, FIGHT: looking at the all of the iexamine functions work lead me to believe that allowing a tree or under-brush terrain to be harvested year round and produce the same fruit would require source code tweaks. wild_veggies spawns items from the various associated item groups, harvest_tree_shrub calls on the harvest_season field (which can’t accept multiple strings), basically junipers are to weird for the harvest mechanics as implemented.

As of the latest experimental version, what I was looking to do here is now possible. All thanks to Coolthulu for his/her/potato work in the new harvest mechanics.