Camping Backpack

I started a wilderness play through as a camper and realized something major was missing.

Continuing the discussion from Wearable corpses:

It’s interesting to look back to a time when current valuable features were nothing more than an idea.

Camping backpacks would be invaluable for nomads and survivors alike. Take a hiking backpack for example, this has volume to store a weapon in, instead this could hold a rolled up tent and a rollmat/sleeping bag. The large tactical backpack with great lower back support is another pack that could take advantage of the storage space, being that they both share the “can wear only one” flag. There’s also the MOLLE pack to take into consideration, it’s a smaller pack but modular and designed with field use in mind.

The benefit to strapping to the backpack rather than carrying them with you is the excessive amounts of volume they take up would be relieved from the inventory, the downside is that now your encumbrance has spiked and dodging would surely be hampered.

In addition to that, tying a pot/pan to the pack along with a hatchet/entrenching tool to the bag would free up even more volume at the cost of encumbrance. I’m not sure the ability to tie game to your person become a thing, that too would be a great volume saver.