Encumbrance vs saved Volume

How much do you value saved volume vs the extra Encumbrance incurred, generally?

Specifically, to give an example, would you accept +4 Enc. if it saves you 0.5 L (an holster e.g.). I know it is very situational, but say you have decent Enc. with 16 L capacity. Would you accept the trade off in this case?

Do you have any pointers, guidelines you apply there? What is your approach?

Clearly, I’m dubious saving 0.5L is worth gaining 4 Enc. For me the trade off would probably be to accept +2 Enc. for 0.5L gained. It depends of the situation obviously. Let say chances of fighting are reasonable expected with medium intensity.

For me at least, holsters (and sheaths) are about draw speed more then volume saved.


As CKD explained above. The holsters especially let me draw my “Oh shit!” Shotgun faster. The sheath lets me pull my melee weapon if I didn’t already have it out much quicker, thereby preventing the enemy from getting more free hits. The saved volume is just a bonus.

Same deal with mag pouches, quivers, and bandoliers. Faster reloads so you can send more attacks down range before the enemy closes the distance.

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In a practical sense, this thing:
Gives all the space you need in combat for very modest encumbrance.
When more space is required, add duffel bags.

My experience is eyes should be as unencumbered as physically possible, then feet and legs, then arms and torso. The latter pair are often very encumbered during various looting phases where you do not care about dodge or accuracy because you are extremely careful and plan several escape routes if possible.

As for sheaths and holsters, besides the feature others have already mentioned (and its importance can hardly be overemphasised), another important advantage is those things tend to be made of more durable materials. So if your character happens to, say, catch fire they are less likely to drop to the floor after your MOLLE packs, rucksucks and the like burn to a crisp. The only thing worse than losing those precious backpacks to flames and possibly watching the items they held slowly roast a few tiles away is having nothing but bare hands for defence.

I roll with a suit that never impedes over 10 in any appendage. I would do the same in real life, even at the cost of the limited amount of gear I could carry. So anything 0-5 encumbrance with locked carry volume are the only garments I have my toon wear.

Usually stuff that would be pretty light in regard to encumbrance anyway. Holsters and anything to carry tools/weapons are good.