What's the difference between running and walking?

So, I recently discovered the ‘running’ option, and I am curious as to just what the difference between running and walking is, other than the obvious part you moving faster. I mean more detailed factors and such

To my knowledge, no it doesn’t do anything else.

Only other thing is it consumes stamina a lot faster the walking which should be a given. Not sure if this is exclusive to running but if you run out of stamina while running you (I think) lose a little torso hp and become really slow for a while and stamina takes noticeably longer to recover from a complete drain recharge than from a mid drain recharge.

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Walking does not consume any stamina

It consumes 7 (or 8?) stamina, compared to running’s 20 or so. You regenerate 10 - (mouth encumbrance)/10 per turn.


Okay, thanks for the info everyone. I guessed it would have something to do with stamina, but I dislike testing theories a lot of the time. I guess it possibly is a good idea to use when you are simply walking around, but when hostiles are nearby you should slow down to ensure you have stamina to actually fight.