What's Happening in YOUR Randomly-generated Apocalypse?

[quote=“Ishindri, post:11683, topic:47”]Me immediately after finding a brand new weapon: I AM BECOME DEATH, DESTROYER OF ZOMBIES

Me ten minutes after finding a new weapon: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fu- dies[/quote]

Day 16.

I found an RV up the road from the main road the mansion split off from. With the really simple repair of stripping the bed out to replace the seat, I drove it back to the now defunct security van and swapped out all my loot. I began the quest for a new vehicle immediately, however, as RVs are large, fragile, and I dont want to damage anythng in it, since its all potential loot. Especially the storage battery, the minifridge, and the stove.
After a day or two of unsuccessful looking, I found a river and traced that to a road that led to a hotel with a humvee outside it. The humvee had all green to yellow parts, so under cover of darkness I slaughtered a horde and encouraged funguses from a nearby whatever it was to grow and provide a screen to me. I was even pleasantly suprised to find I could craft a filter mask.

I spent a few hours crafting my electronics up to level 3 so I could make the makeshift welder. That is annoying in in of itself, since its hard getting enough uncommon electronics to sustain crafting. So I ended up deconning and reconning radios for a while.
After a horrifying night of alcohol withdrawls and horde trickle fighting and inventory management, I finally got upset enough to pop a prozac and detox right then and there. To make matters worse I learned about the new engine management features as they happened to the humvee, forcing me to kill more zombies until I found enough batteries to swap out my RVs gas engine.

This done, I finished up my conversion and drove off to get more batteries. I looted the only electronics store on my revealed map, stopped by an old haunt of mine that is in demon country, and filled up an aluminum keg with diesel. I havent traveled very far at all on my map, and Im somehow hesitant to do so when before I would not be. Not sure why, but I know of the locations of 4 cities so far; 1 vault town, 1 massive comple that almost engulfs the vault town, and 2 smaller size 4 cities to the west. Im fairly sure Im even still on the same map region tile, but who knows. My plan right now is to harvest enough solar panels to sustain my fridge and make my way back to the starter (massive) city and explore that. I havent found a lab yet, and thats definitely on my list of things to do. Ive ben reading up on my computers and looted a gun store for a whooping M1911, a glock and 3 mags, and a mosin with 20 birdshot. At least Im armed though. I did find a single shot M340 grenade launcher though, so I can at least fire that off.

Launchers are usually so uncommon and that makes me sad. I mean I guess I know why and all though.

Day 11, playing as a helicopter crash Special Operator and I just hit the fucking jackpot. Was raiding the forth FEMA Camp I’d come across so far, mainly because they’re usually located far enough away from civilization that me having to use gunfire to down zombie soldiers doesn’t bring the usual endless city hordes crashing down on top of me. I went to check the gun locker tent like usual after I cleared out the stragglers expecting to find the usual slim picking and instead found this…

x5 L523-MBR
x5 M27 IAR
x2 RM88 Battle Rifle
x2 M240
x1 M249
x1 RM298 HMG
x1 H&K 416A1
x1 L523-LMG
x1 RM11B Scout Rifle

Honestly, I didn’t even really care about these guns (except for the RM11B, which is my baby now) because I’d found working examples of most of them elsewhere. The jackpot part was that each of them was fully loaded, most with high capacity mags. Now I’ve got several hundred .223 and 8x40mm rounds.

Wow, do you have normal item spawn settings on?

Yep, 1.0 item spawns. Like I said, the last three Fema Camps I hit had a single gun if I was lucky. This was an unprecedented find.

Are you a wannbe fungaloid who has too much time on your hand?
A Marloss abomination who finds spamming you own spores boring?
Or just tired of the same old hack and slash?

Well, have I got the solution for you!

Introducing new Boil Bombs! Solve your woes and serve The Many today!
[move]*Some assembly required. Do not eat or expose to naked skin. If inhalation or ingestion occurs immedietely walk out into an open field and wait for death. Do not attempt to resist the Mycus. Use at your own risk.[/move]

My first experience with scrolling text on this forum also happens to be the only one I think I will ever need. Well done. Things are going well for my survivor, and thanks to the incredibly dedicated work of the modders on these forums his world is bigger and more stable than I could have hoped. Will provide updates when things outside of the usual “Managed to make it out of town and not starve to death” start to occur. That being said, I’ve made it out of town and foraged enough to not starve to death. Huzzah!

Despite a ROCK SOLID diet of junkfood and guts my cohort of press-ganged NPCs decided to come down with a case of scurvy/slow healing/night blindness. Thankfully a quick taste test confirms it isn’t contagious.

My grey friends transformed so much land around me into a fungal paradise that almost nothing happens around the base - i can sleep blindfolded and deafened and find animal carcasses around my base. Fungaloids are better protectors than npcs.

yea, having fungaloids near your base is not bad but prepare pits around your base because if something set fire to something…

i lost base in this way

Actually, I was wondering if people woud appreciate a ‘cloth wall’ or ‘tarp wall’ construction that breaks los.

I consider this the best part of Mycus - the ability to sit still in one area indefinitely while your fungal army grows like mad. If you can start a sizable colony you’re invincible, and any Mycus worth his salt has a stockpile of at least several hundred fruits.

when i lived near fungaloids i was not part of mycus, fungaloids just provided me free drinks after acid rain and they decreased spawn of zombified wildlife

right now im just carrier but i do not eat any more berries, i save them as emergency rations and i think they will be usefull after i finish eating my 3 full lockers of junk food and one cargo carrier of dehydrated ant meat

Through a combination of Looking up at github and such I figured out what I need to do to move the wheels of my full-sized base. I need a boom crane. And I need to get a book or two for that. And 1 level of skill, but thats irrelevant.

While I was dicking around at my cul de sac with 2 houses slightly seperated from the rest of the city an NPC came by and demanded that I drop my shit. I told him to wank off and he was like ‘oh, okay’, and then turned around to. I then told him Id protect him if he joined my cause, and he was like, ‘oh, well I do like eating more than peanut butter and rotten pears and thats all I have on me because Im worthless’. A friendship was thus born. I say friendship, but I mean that I bitched him and he is afraid of me.

Hector was given a knife spear that I used before I found a hammer of all bloody things, and a filter mask. Im debating giving him leather armor, since I stockpile leather and I wear it myself before I kit out for war and I prefer leather irl, but . . . thats a lot of work just to keep him alive a little better. Hes wearing sneakers and pants and a shirt. He looks like a high school kid, with a baseball cap and no gloves or mouth protection. Id like to think I just adopted a teenager.

Anywho, the culdesac is now cleared of zombies, though they trickle in from the city at a fairly steady pace. Its insteresting enough that I might consider bunking down in it and building a base for funzies. Ive been wanting to build an NPC outpost for a while now, but NPCs needing food will only slow that down to an annoying micromanagement until a system for them feeding themselves or picking up food at designated points is established.

My melee is at 4.80, my ranged 3, and I have almost no kevlar, but otherwise Im as fit for duty as anything else. I dont think Im very ‘healthy’ though. Maybe I havent recovered from the alcoholism, idk. Ive been drinking for morale since then though, but I pop multivitamins every now and then and I use all the gamma globulin I find. But still, my regen has dropped noticably. It took me 8 hours sleep to gain 1 bar of health.

So, I am on the cusp of learning to make manhacks (which might need some looking at), and have a load of books I have to read through.

I went on an extensive search for a lab and after a couple of days (both in-game and IRL mainly because I find driving around to be tedious) I finally found one… but the when I tried to go down the stairs it says “Halfway down, the path becomes blocked off”. You’re breaking my heart C:DDA :’(

New Game, Day 04.

I died fighting a beign enough horde when I got too cocky at day raiding and forgot to bring a hacking weapon for skelingtons. So new game.

I Began by getting utterly trashed by zombies in several previous attempts. Enough for me to cry foul. Then this guy. He ran from his house and to a sporting goods store. There he found some dead soldiers, one with a go bag. He ran to a nearby refugee shelter that spawned and stole a hippie van. He used the hippie van to find a flashlight. He led zombies into the refugee center; the refugees did what they do and most are suprisingly still alive as I left them. I looted 40 or so corpses when the sun came up and marveled at their corpse smashing. Ahhh, to not have to put down zombies like I was on some battlefield.

I crafted some stuff andf whatnot, but I was ultimately missing welding tech, despite looting a garage meagstore thingy.
I took my hippie van south to the bridges and coasted them, looking for a suitable diesel vehicle. Found a semi, that busted a gas tank quickly and I ran out of gas. While preping a scavanging kit of rubber hose et al an NPC tried to be cute. I talked him down and he joined me. And promptly died when funguses assaulted us and then a wave of zombies came out the river water.

I took my supplies and found a working cop car. I transported my goods and drove to a nearby mine to loot it. I have a mossberg and a backup remington, so why not? I strapped a bayonet to the mossberg and went in. I looted a filter mask and some welding googles. The finale was open, and Im not happy with the night vision of the snails and bodies. but they fight, and snails with their acid usually win. Although the bodies do kill and wound a few. I makes the area more interesting since the snail men can get pissy but arent guarentted to and the twisted bodies are are twitchy anyway.

On the surface, literally right next to the mine is a spire. I just threw a molotov at the spire to clear the area, and will approach after the walls die down.
BUT, I remember last time I did this the fires raged for quite a long time because fungal walls. And now they have regen, armor, and a basic attack.

I managed to make about 10 medical serum and injected them all into my character to see how well that went, and ended up with this:

Could’ve been a lot worse… I’ve never played a character with genetically unstable so this will be fun. Vomitous seems like it’ll annoy the living hell out of me though.

Gonna be playing again. Might post some stuff related to my shenanigans with an ADD(RP) fox mutant. What’s new? Last version I played was from March.

Also! Are scrap-type walls in? Or will I have to resort to steel frames and just welding boards on? :stuck_out_tongue:

che cosa?

scrap walls? Vehicle armor, you mean?

Scrap walls as in ‘sheets of metal we found and put together with some wood to get a semi-functional wall.’

Mainly asking because last base I had was next to a rerestaurant and it was bugging me the three wide gap can’t be fixed until I had a massive amount of construction. Seeing as it was concrete and not dirt, so no log walls.

Besides thaaaat, meh.