What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Large civilian survivor population (30 confirmed, 50-100 total estimated) located by orbital surveillance in walled complex, confirmed by aerial drone flyover. Flyover followed by ground based messages requesting resupply or evacuation.
Xenofungal encroachment detected. Tactical simulations indicate termination of population within 24 hours +/- 10% without intervention.

Effects of incendiary deployment deemed insufficient. Delays termination by 48 hours.

Deployment of URIST LEVER authorized.





Well I went in very damaged with a pretty much broken spear but I am Victorious!!


I’m going to have to revise my previous estimate upwards. I’ve only been through one building completely (there are four) and haven’t even pursuaded them all outside. There is AT LEAST 100 people here.

Evacuating them all back to base is going to be… annoying. BUT I’M GOING TO DO IT.

Outfitting them all is going to be worse. May have to wait until I actually BUILD a camp to do it. Is there an armory/equipping screen or something for your followers?


Oof. Enjoy the vacation time.

This is a new character btw. I’m glad I managed to make it out alive considering I was doing less than 10 damage a hit because of the spear’s durability.

It took FOREVER to build and scavenge the materials, but I finally have a transport with enough room for most of the npcs I found cowering in an apartment complex. It was the most practical way to get them all back, its much too far from my base to make lots of trips or travel on foot. Total seating for 100 passengers.


I am rediscovering my hatred of shady zombie. Grrrr

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Wow. That’s… wow. My hats off to you. I only found ~14 in the apartment complex I raided and I left 9 of them behind.

I still haven’t gotten a full headcount yet, but there is a nonzero chance I may have to make a second trip. Nobody gets left behind.

Is there a fast way to outfit these guys, like a menu option, or yelling “AK-47’s FOR EVERYONE!” So that they all go draw guns, ammo, and body armor from a designated storage? I have enough guns and ammo for everyone, though not body armor.

I’d really rather not have to hand each of these 100+ NPCs their equipment. I already have to check their stats and cure their shitty mutations, and find the best ones for recruitment into my cyborg corps.

I’m pretty sure there’s no easy mass equip option, but I strongly encourage you to shout that anyway.

If you tell everyone to pick up stuff and throw some guns in a pile, a lot of them should bite. Given current AI, though, a hundred NPCs with ak-47s sounds like an instant recipe for NPC hamburger… They’re just going to mush each other in friendly fire. I’d be making a huge batch of quarterstaves for them myself.

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Oh I’m not planning to have the NPCs follow me around. I’ve got about a dozen (so far) hacked Wraitheon assault bots sitting on a shelf in my tank if I need escorts (thanks again to Shard for that mod to let you turn hacked robots off). They are going to be manpower and camp guards for once I get around to building an actual faction camp. Which will probably be once Mlangsdorf finishes tinkering with them.

I’m going to be tinkering with them for months; don’t hold your plans on waiting for me to finish.

100% of my changes are going to be save game compatible, 75% are not going to be visible to the player. The couple that are visible are going to be very visible - no more camp manager! set up faction camps in existing buildings like a non-crazy person! - but they’re also not coming for months.

Adding a menu for mass outfitting/follower management would be REALLY nice. Maybe as part of an armory building for the camp or something.

Something like Dwarf Fortress’s militia uniform system would be good. It lets you either issue a very specific equipment loadout, or just a general outline of what you want them to have, and they pick the specific items themselves from what is available.

Are there any really useful features at the camp that would make building one and then tearing it down in a few months to relocate everything underground worth it? The only one I am aware of that would really be useful to me is the garage for dismantling vehicles for parts.

I’d be more inclined to build a camp immediately if the area around my military bunker and surface farm were not entirely forested. I’ve got tons of construction materials, so I could definitely build one right now. The problem is that I have yet to figure out a way of convincing the game to let me build a camp on the map tiles nearby (simply using the debug map editor to make them into field tiles does not work) though I have a couple ideas I have not tested.

1.) Deforesting a 3x3 area adjacent to my bunker’s map tile, and using the debug map editor to make them into field tiles.
2.) Somehow figuring out which overmap my bunker is in, and finding a way to edit the files to change the terrain around it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I would like to at least try this feature.

An armory expansion makes sense at some point. That’s a lot of code to write, but I think I could figure it out.

Setting up a camp is relatively low cost - the worst part right now is that you need a couple of tons worth of logs and two-by-fours, and logs obviously take forever to cut and you can’t construct two-by-fours as far as I know.

What I would do is build a camp on the edge of the forest, upgrade it until you get access to a logger, and send the logger off to clearcut the forest until it becomes a field. Repeat for each of the 9 tiles. Make sure your logger is as strong as possible, and has as volume as possible, because they have to carry the logs back to your base by hand.

At some point, real soon now, I’m going to figure out how to send multiple NPCs off on faction camp missions to work together, to get better results. But in the meantime, if you cut down enough trees via faction camp missions, the tile will become a field - or close enough for faction camps.


You can cut logs into two-by-fours. Its an action, check under the “%” button with a chainsaw handy while standing over a log. Or maybe it was adjacent to a log.

How far into the upgrades does that require? Would it be worth it to build several small camps to get it done faster? I’ve got a couple thousand nails, and bunch of 2x4s (around a thousand I think) and logs (maybe a hundred or two?) already from clearcutting lines of sight/approach around my bunker. Transporting it all is doable, I just found a portal generator to make a stabilized portal the other day.

Right, I can take an action to make two-by-fours, but I can’t batch craft them and repeat the process by hitting ‘_’ anymore.

To get the logging mission, you need your camps up to level 5, which (if I’m reading this correctly) takes:

  • 25 hours of companion labor (sequentially)
  • 2 large tents, 8 broken tents, 6 tents, or 8 shelter kits
  • 88 two-by fours
  • 64 straw piles or 80 pine boughs
  • 192 nails
  • 24 pipes
  • 6 sheet metals
  • 1 tool with Hammer 2
  • 1 tool with Shovel 2
  • 2 NPCs, one with Fabrication 2

Each camp can only support 1 logger, so having multiple camps will make it go faster.

The logs are always the biggest time sink in my experience, until you get to Palisades and they won’t accept wires. I can get giant stacks of two by fours by walking through a house smashing things and dragging the lumber out.

Still want a lumber mill.

Is there any way to set up a macro so that you just need to choose the direction the logs are in for cutting? Or to do other things? I can think of a couple regular sets of keystrokes for tasks I could kill with macro support.

I am like 21 tiles away and my torso took no damage…? My Kevlar vest DID break so something happened not sure What exactly.

What the hell is a zombie queen, and why does it have tentacles? Is that from a mod? It looks like your vest absorbed the damage from the hits, but was at its last level of durability so when it ripped it finally gave out entirely.