What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!

Genevieve felt sick to her stomach and not because of any illness.
After the flu had finally lessen it’s hold on her, Genevieve had followed through on her plans to explore the uncovered lab. It had been far smaller then the one where she’d been held and contained none of the prison cells she’d been familiar with, still she’d found several useful pieces of equipment and a stack of interesting lab notes to go over. All in all she’d considered the trip a success, embolded by this the young women had set off the very next night to continue her exploration to the west of her current home.
The trip had been pretty standard, rotting corpses (both active and inactive) as well as farms and grain silos. The rain had just let up when she’d heard the sounds of gunfire in the distance and warily she’d gone to investigate, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d run across automated defence that had been set up at various points in the road.
As she drew closer however Genevieve had realised this wasn’t coming from a blockade but instead from a fenced off area, as she turned her vehicle to illuminate the area she felt her heart drop.
There in the middle of a horde easily a hundred strong, four people battled for their lives. Genevieve called for them to run but either they couldn’t hear her or chose not to respond, for a moment the lonely girl had considered rushing into the battle to try and cut a path of freedom for them but even as the thought entered her mind more zombies came piling from the shadows to join the melee. Even as she watched they had began to be over run, biting her lip with sharp fangs she turned the vehicle around and fled.
She couldn’t bare to watch the end.

First time I’ve seen bandits in a FEMA camp, defo a case of whoever wins, I lose. I’m tempted to come back later and get me some human “blood” but I doubt I’ll bother, there’s a LOT of zombies here.

Genevieve eyed the contraption before her dubiously, it wasn’t helping that it was something she’d actually built herself. If someone had asked her in that moment what she thought it looked like, and if you could pry her out of whatever hole she’d crawled into due to embarrassment, the pale girl girl would of been forced to confess that it resembled some monsterous hybrid of a shopping cart and a lawnmower… That had just been driven though a half a dozen washing lines.
There was no helping it, she wanted to salvage the many useful vehicles she’d discover on her travels and that required travelling on foot out to each vehicle, a dangerous prospect, or abandoning whatever vehicle she made the journey in. That or the abomination in front of her, it was hideous and ramshackled, an insult to engineering and probably broke every law of safety and decency… but it could be folded up small enough to fit in another vehicle and that ment she could bring it back with her.
Gingerly she eased herself into the deckchair like driving seat and reached for the controls…

I built a vehicle recovery vehicle… It’s awful and possibly a deathtrap :stuck_out_tongue:


My zoo keeper, Miriam, recently found a campsite with a pair of zombies ambling around the grounds. Somehow she managed to survive the encounter despite herself & lack of fighting skills and was able to return to her base, a cabin with some magical tomes, with a few tents for later use or to cut up for the cloth and a handful of items.

She quickly found the best part of her haul was a brace slingshot and a pair of rollerblades. Rationing out her food stocks, Miriam went out gathering any and every rock she could find. With a length of pipe and an end table in the cabin she always thought was ugly, she made short work of smashing the rocks down into bits small enough to use in her new slingshot. The 3 dozen or so rocks smashed down into ammo was heavy, but when she got out to a main roadway and strapped on the rollerblades, she still sailed quick and smooth. Perfect!

Trekking the opposite direction of the path that led to the campsite, Miriam skated down the road, easily maneuvering around random debris in the roadway when she came upon a pickup truck about a mile from where she came out of the woods between the road and her cabin. It was harder to find a portion that wasn’t smashed up than was still in good condition. The tires all looked almost bald and there was only about an eighth of a tank of gas, but the keys were still in it and after a couple tries and a little prayer, the engine turned over!

Her new junky truck carried her down the road well enough. It didn’t drive near as well as her car she had before everything went to hell, but it had a ton of space to carry her things. As she drove on, she began to just make out a little town up in the distance. It was a one stoplight town, well if stoplights were a thing anymore. She stopped and parked several hundred yards from the nearest home and began lacing up her rollerblades.

Skating toward the town, Miriam saw the first of the undead - a pair of overweight corpses and what was once a child. It broke her heart to see a kiddo like that, but she could see the blind malice in it’s eyes. Coming to a quick stop, she drew her slingshot and began pelting the heavyset zombies first. As they shambles closer, she pushed off & skated a safe distance away again. It took a while skating in circles around them but finally the zombies fell and wouldn’t get back up. Tears fell freely as she gave mercy to the child so it wouldn’t ever rise again. As she wept after all three were put down, there was a smash further up the road leading through town. No time for tears just now, she guessed. It looks like she had more company.


Genevieve sat and studied the piece of equipment before her, segmented, full enclosed plate armour that didn’t look quite like anything she’d seen before. As if someone had walked off a movie set and not returned their costume, she knew there was more to it then that however.
It had been nothing more then a whim, a decision made on the return journey to acquire useful vehicles that had lead her back to the lab where this nightmare had started for her. Perhaps some small hidden part of Genevieve had hoped to uncover more information about what had been done to her, it has something that played across her mind a lot recently. In that regard at least she’d been unsuccessful but what she had discovered had been just as interesting, if not more so.
Her eyes turned to the small cube resting in her hand, if the reports were correct what this contained came from somewhere else. It was hard to believe that they’d been exploring other places, other dimentions according to what she had read. It sounded like something out of a scifi story but as strange as that was there was no denying that it would explain so much.
Genevieve turned back to the equipment, the capabilities listed in the reports had sent the pale girls eyebrows climbing. Full radiation shielding, independent respiratory system, automated climate control, mind shielding, that last one had made he skin crawl.
This was something she suspected would be useful in the days to come…

When I was still trapped in the lab I’d taken one look in the finale room and noped the hell out of there but since I was going back there anyways (I couldn’t remember if I’d hit all the libraries or not) I thought it might be worth having a look to she if there was actually a suit for me to loot. Turns out there was, better still there is an amagara fault mine just south of my base. Time to go artifact hunting I think!

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Drove my deathmobile along a river with one half in the water to get around some forest. A fish jumped in the passenger seat.
SCP contained


Original Post

So, here is a tale of how I ended up crawling with, for the second time in my entire time playing Cataclysm, a 300+ pain score, and, equally for the first time, all four limbs broken as I nearly bleed to death.

My present character, as some forum frequenting folks might be aware, is an unarmed-only character. That means no throwing (within reason) or ranged weapons. Perception stat is set to 4, and all of those points went to brawn. The entire challenge revolves around defeating everything that is Cataclysm in its current state with nothing but fists and old fashioned knuckles.

This character has developed to the point where they can clench their fists and tear down Juggernauts with furious blows. To understand how I clawed my way to safety with a combined total of 50 hp in my head and torso, let me start from the beginning…

Just another morning coming and going, reading a war novel as I play the Sax to my buddy the Bone Collector in my mega rig outside of a new city. The day before, a wandering AI tank was slaughtering a bunch of zombies in the middle of town while rolling through windows. In my, personally, sound judgement, my character spun upon their heal and walked back to the car to turn zombo meat into blobs for 15 hours and to let the tank suicide itself upon the acid zombos, brutes, necromancer, and a juggernaut. Surely, my flawless logic said, a single shooty mini-tank wouldn’t be able to kill the nearly 100 zombos that had the thing surrounded in a Strip Club.

So, after about fifteen hours of smooth jaz, a 9 hour nap, and some morning pemmican, I decided to stroll into town when, in the corner of my eye (map with binocs) I notice a fleshy tower in the distance. Veteran DDA players may start to wince at the notion of charing into a Migo tower with your bare hands, but I grinned at the challenge of suicidally trying to destroy the tower with nothing but my fists and stubborn amounts of Regeneration mutation being applied directly to the forehead.

Jokes aside, I equipped a full-body of Chitan armor. I had to purify my HUGE mutation back to Large after discovering the, presently, lacking XL armor variety, much, much, MUCH, to my sorrow. Now, I had a quick peak into one of these towers nearly 280 days prior, and was nearly killed by ONE brain blasty bastard. My character, without doubt, had both a bone to grind and PTSD from having a psychic brain pealing, so I opened up my box of toys. I strapped two grenades and an EMP to my belt, traded my codine for Oxy, prepared a syringe of addrenaline, brewed a 1L jug of Meth Cola, and picked up a baggy of crack I took from the clutches of an OD’d druggy on the side of the road before clanking my fisted knuckles together and jumping off my doommobile. Now, lessons had already been learned, and I carry not just one, but TWO extra sets of knuckles, more on that later. My character tapped themselves down, making sure the Kevlar and Leather patches were nicely tucked into my leather cloak and clothes under my Chitan ensamble. A .50 blast from a turret in this suit did at max 30-odd damage and I could soak quite a few of those blasts with a natural strength stat of 22, that’s just over 150 hp for each limb. Extremely strong + naturally high STR + Large mutation equals one very swole survivor girl. I made sure to charge my internal batbox up to 750 power and popped two caffeine pills and started chewing some caffeine gum as I walked over.

Now, I don’t underestimate any AOE or Aura-based enemies that inflict serious pain, and I popped a single Codine pill before I even jackhammered my way in through the back of this tower. My decision to make THAT much noise will come into the picture later, look forward to that shortly because things pick up FAST. I pause the Jacking at 89%, pre-stim with my drug cocktail of Adr, meth, and crack before finishing my hacking through the wall. The very instant I get through the wall, I’m blasted by the Migo screams and lose stamina. The fools, I thought, I have Adr and stims beyond my wildest RP dreams, have you SEEN my health stat tomorrow being -200? I have! With that thought, I surged my bionic muscles into action, and with them combined, brought the raw fury of 47 STR to bare sprinting straight into the face of the first Migo horror I saw right behind the wall. With a critical drawn from my 11 Unarmed skill of many battles and over 3,000 confirmed kills, the foe was knocked a tile back with over 100 damage, sending it into a stun. Still sprinting, I move one tile into the building and start feeling that heat in the room, and the fact I have 3 layers of clothing, instantly, just as I see a room filled with Migo. My real life words were as I quote: “Oh.

In my inventory, I activate the first Grenade, fully realizing that this was not the 3 Migos I saw in my first door-kicking adventure with a Migo tower. There was a party here, so, dropping the nade in the newly torn hole into this fleshy exterior, I took my now pain-induced body from lack of stamina and ducked around a corner just before the nade went off. There were enough brain blasts hitting me that the stamina and regen of the Adr did not last long, and soon I found myself punching the backdoor of liquor store with six or seven very, very angry Migos coming to collect the fine for forcefully entering a newly made back door in their fleshy structure.

By this point, the pain score had likely blown past 150 but was well hidden under the Adr shot. Speaking of, it was likely 25-30% burnt by the time I managed to flee into the building. That nade seemed to only stir the hive with how many angry little citters crawled out, and a guest but, again, more on that SHORTLY.

Now, my stamina was not good enough to escape these guys before the shot ran out and I suffered the full effect of the pain stat and lost my 110 speed score. So, I drank the last of my cola, likely going to start going blind and suffering horrible OD issues around the time that I run out of Adr, but so be it. Rushing into the main lobby, prepared to use this chance to run the hell away and just run these guys over with the death mobile rather than trying to punch down 6-8 pain beams at once, I hear “KABOOM” and subsequently think, again, “Oh, right.

A tank grenade shell had just obliterated the brute trying to break down the door to eat my face, and the lovely rover decided to come over and invite me to a fire fest. Riiiight, and this is one of two reasons why I carry an EMP nade, I thought as two more shells dropped the front lobby down (Partially collapsed already) into rubble. Ducking into the backroo, with the Migos right next door, I have to choose between rushing a tank with an active EMP nade, or a horde of Migo-death to my back.

I chose the Migos, since if I stayed to punch the tank to death the Migo’s would be on me whilst I was on rubble and there was no certainty I could finish rover off before my stun chain ran out and he pumped me full of turret ammo point blank whilst the Migos were trying to burn my brain. Charging around the corner with my gas genny pouring power to my muscles as they burned with the fury of over 40 STR, I splatter two of the Migos in a single turn before the blasts drain my stamina. Knuckles, break, wield second pair, three and four die within perhaps 10-odd turns through a flury of good-luck criticals. Then a shiny thing turns the corner, fires a shell, and the next thing I see is my vision covered in rubble. I was smothered in rock for but a moment, but my heart rate was likely 140 at this point as I clawed my way out of a collapsed roof. Right next to the tank who was teaching the last three living migos a lesson in discipline. So, what is an unarmed warrior to do when you have a beagle tank to your northwest tile, and slavers to all three of your east tiles?

You pull the EMP nade’s cord first, take a shot from the tank and a few clubbings from the slavers that breaks your leg, then pull your last nade’s cord, get shot three times in the torso bringing you down to 40hp on your very, very vital area, toss the nade which manages to hit one of the only remaining walls left in the building just 2 tiles away (Thanks perception 4!!!) and get shot and beaten even more, then punch the tank with your full might, breaking your second pair of knuckles and stunning the mobile nuke machine, and getting beaten by more strikes of the Migos. The EMP goes off, stunning the tank as it’s on my person, my power bank dies with it and my muscles get substantially less swole. The second grenade goes off right next to me in a squal of explosive pain, taking two of the migos out with it along with my other leg and an arm that were in the danger zone already. My Chitin armor is severely damaged and my gauntlets have been shattered clean destroyed. I punch the last Migo one last time, Adrenaline shot runs out, pain of around 307, speed 25 and cost to move in the 300s. The migo doesn’t die, and begins to pumble me for every punch. That EMP won’t last long.jpg


Fourteen more punches on the beagle, the greatest threat, later kills the beast as the last Migo does everything it can to try to can-opener me from my armor. A single punch to it’s face brings it near death, but in response, it grabs and snaps my last arm over it’s leg with an evil grin.


The run is over one obviously thinks, I have less than 80 health left, am bleeding, and can’t attack any more.

But you forget one final thing of the survivor’s handbook, these big bastards are as Clumsy as they are cowardly. That last strike managed to get the netherborn fearful of the bleeding out corpse on the rubble and it turns to run away. Two tiles of navigating rubble later, it stubs its toe on a rebar and dies.

I spend the next hour doing micro-crunches with my torso to crawl back to the mega rig, after bandaging myself with broken limbs, applied XL splints, that I crafted beforehand just in case, and proceeded to spend the better part of a month with -200 (and less) health from my adventures. Did I also mention that, after popping an Oxy during the fight I started to go blind for a period and had to climb into the mega-rig as I was going in and out of consciousness? Did that too.

All in all?

The Migo Tower + Beagle Tank may just be the truely greatest challenge I have thus far faced in the Cataclysm.

The moral of this story? Drugs are good for you and explosives are your friends. Always bring as many of them as you can into public at all times so that you can murder tentacle monsters and metal dogs in the ruins of a destroyed bar.

To anyone that is new to Cataclysm passing by, I offer these words,

Welcome to the Cataclysm, the Grim Reaper can be found in a graveyard to your right, your own mistakes on your left, a hell gate pouring out netherspawn straight ahead as aliens invade the world, dark abominations out of Lovecraft consume the populace, and normal animals mutate into horrific apex predators, may we take your order?


Genevieve was begining to regret agreeing to this.
The building had looked interesting, high brick walls, solid steel secuity gate, the works. Almost certainly govenment property from what she could tell, she had shrugged to herself, the gate was open and it couldn’t hurt to look around. The interior had, for the most part, been a disapointment. It had the look of a place that had been quickly but thoroughly cleared out with only standard office furniture left to catch the eye, that was until she’d found a locked door.
After examining it for a few moments she’d been on the verge of dismissing it and leaving, when she noticed the small secuity camera above the door. More importantly she saw it adjusting its focus, it wouldn’t be the first automated system still in operation she had come across but it had piqued Genevieves interest.
She’d examined the door more closely, quickly realising what she had taken for part of the locking mechanism had actually been a comm system… Her rising hopes were quickly dashed however, while there was living people on the otherside they’d wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. It wasn’t that surprising when she stopped to think on it, the pale girl suspected that her appearence had done nothing to put them at ease and with everything that had happened she couldn’t really blame them for being wary, she’d seen enough strange and seemingly impossible things herself after all.
What followed had been an abrupt and terse conversation but in the end she’d agreed to do some work for them. They were going to pay her for the work but more importantly to Genevieve, she hoped it might build some trust between herself and the unknown people behind them.
The first mission had been easy enough, deal with a rogue prototype robot. The “Hub people” as she had dubbed them had warned her of the danger involved but to the creature Genevieve had become it had been easy prey, perhaps if she’d approached it during the daylight hours it might of turned out different but the night was hers and she was packing heat.
They’d seemed impressed with her efficiency and while they were still unwilling to deal with her face to face they had paid her as agreed and even offered her high tech equipment for trade, this mission however, this mission was far beyond the first one.
It had sound simple enough, retieve a CBM from one of their researchers that had been conscripted just before the cataclysm. Genevieve didn’t really understand the finer details but was under the impression that the CBM was designed to record the memories of its user, the Hub People were able to track it and been able to give her rather precise map coordinates to the target, something she suspected the military wouldn’t of been happy about if they were aware. It hadn’t been that far away and she’d headed there immediately, what she had discovered was less an escort and more a small army, worse still they had all turned. This mission was going to take a little more discretion she suspected…

Yeaaaahhhh, not fighting this lot. Genevieve is pretty bad but this is a bit much even for her unless I’m willing to head back to base and get a whole bunch more guns. I guess I’m gonna have to distract them then huck the body in the back of the humvee.


The mission was a success but Genevieve had been in a foul mood when she’d returned. With her flesh still smoking from acid burns, the girl had pitched the dessicated corpse directly in front of door before going about the grizzly task of extracting the CBM.
They’d offered another mission almost immediately and she’d agreed to at least consider it but Genevieve was starting to get the distinct impression that they considered her very expendable.

The rather bitter girl had been on the way back out to her vehicle when she spotted a small party of survivors setting up camp in the corner of the parking lot, it had been hard to contain her excitement but recent interactions with the people holed up in the Hub had left her more then a little jaded. She had approached openly, while she could see them it was still dark and she had to get quite a bit closer before any of them spotted her.
They’d gone for their guns, not exactly pointing them at her but not exactly pointing them away either. Genevieve had ostensively kept her hands clear of her weapons while they looked her over though there’d been no helping the cestus strapped to her hand, after a muted discussion they’d waved her over.
“Mutant?” he’d questioned in a level voice, Genevieve had shrugged “well, it takes all kinds I guess” he added with his own shrug.
The man had turned out to be a merchent of sorts that provided supplies for the Hub, polite enough once introductions had been taken care of but Genevieve couldn’t help but notice the guards were still tense, splitting their attention between herself and the Hubs main gate. He had quite a stock of useful item and while she hadn’t been carrying much to trade with, she had made a mental note to return later with a supply of her surplus loot. While she’d been browsing the man had kept up a steady stream of chatter, it was during the conversation the topic of the research center had come up.
“Yeah, big place, looks a bit like here but huge. I’d love a crack at it, I’d bet it’s full of trade goods but it’s absolutely infested with dead.”
It wasn’t hard for her to get directions, the man had no intention of heading in there but had noted that he might be willing to trade for some of the loot if she’d found anything of use. With the rough directions in mind Genevieve had soon left and headed straight there, she’d figured a quick look wouldn’t hurt and it would be good to get an idea of what she might be facing. How wrong she was.
The man had been spot on with his accessment, the place had been teeming with undead, like maggots writhing in an open wound they’d spilled in and out of the crumpled walls of the place. For anyone else entering might of been too difficult but the night was still with her and Genevieve had slipped into the building with little trouble, easily ghosting her way past the oblivious dead. What little she had seen of the ground floor had been of little interest, a lobby and food court being the main attractions, instead she had made her way up to the first floor where she had discovered various research areas. What’d followed had been a corridor by corridor and room by room slog, the area was too tight to easily bypass the undead so she’d been forced to fight her way through. While whatever had been done to her in the lab had made her stronger and faster then before she was still only one verses many and the continual skirmishes had sapped her strength and drained her ammo supply.
Still, she had made good progress and successfully cleared most of the floor. Everything had been going well, that was until she’d run into that. An undead in a stained unrecognisable uniform, perhaps a former soldier, leaking some fluid that made the very tiles it trode upon bubble and smoke.
It was the second encounter with such a creature this night, the first had left her cover in acid burns even with her only focused on evading. This time she was caught and forced to fight head on, it had gone poorly. Perhaps fresh and with a good stock of ammo she would of been able to take it with only minor injuries but she wasn’t fresh and her rifle was nearly empty.
At the height of the fight Genevieve had become distracted when the creature had spewed corrosive acid on her, staggering back she had tried to gain some distance but in that moment it had lashed out and with a audible crack her leg had snapped. The pain had been sickening, the pale girl turning nearly grey as she was forced to bite back a wail of agony. Panting heavy she’d lurched back and unleashed her trump card, with a thundering bang the sawn off double barreled shotgun hidden in the forearm of her cestus had gone off, blowing the creatures head apart. More acid had splattered her burnt, smoking form but Genevieve had been victorious.
Now however she was trapped, leg broken, on the first floor of a building packed with zombies, no tools, no ammo, little gear and no blood

Well, this might be the end. Frickin’ acid support zombie kicked Genevieves ass hard, getting out on a broken leg is probably a no go considering how much of a mess the courtyard is and there’s no food here I can eat! I might have to hole up and see if my calorie count is enough to see me through until the leg heals, thank goodness for the shotcestus, literally saved her ass there.

Genevieve had slipped out of the facility loot in tow, it had amazed her that her unnatural physicology had managed to repair the damage done in a mere 6 days. Healed she might of been but the thirst had been clawing at the pale girl like a physical entity. Perhaps it was a side affect of the rapid healing but the need to feed had become an absolute, already a physical weakness had taken root in her limbs, one that Genevieve knew on an instinctive level would only grow with time.

Her fortune had finally turn on the return journey however, a strange sight, three more poor souls gunned down by the roadside. Under normal circumstances the sight of the murdered individuals would of brought a pang of sorrow to Genevieves heart but in that moment the thirst had risen to a fever pitch and she’d fell on them like a ravanous beast…

Well, she made it. Just. Picked up VitA defiency on day 2 and was starting to get malnutrition messages the very night I left. Ran into another acid sniper zombie on the way out and got messed up a second time, didn’t mess around this time though and blew the git in half with the old shotcestus before hightailing it. Got lucky and found 3 fresh bodies on the way back, will go a long way to getting her back to a healthy calorie count.

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Is this some joke about smelly football players or just my RNG?

Now THAT took some serious effort to build. Or some serious coercion for it to be allowed being built at all.

The previous picture was of the weirdest bridge I’ve found, but the one nearby was a thing of beauty too:

Really, the only function of that bridge is to make road for 3 small-ish farms blocked from all other directions by water and forests. I just don’t even whatever.


Miriam, my zoo keeper character, previously found a small town and after a day of plinking zombies with her brace slingshot while skating just out of their reach, she finally cleared out all the undead. She had no skills in archery and the pebbles didn’t do much damage, so it took her a while.

After a fitful night if sleep in some stranger’s bed that she recently brought down, she began loading up her beat up pickup truck with anything she thought would be useful. Nothing exciting in all the loot, a few beat up guns but no ammo, a couple books, food, a locksmith kit and a cheap of basic building materials. There were 2 vehicles that she cannibalized for their batteries and a little gasoline before moving on.

Further up the road, driving along the east bank of a large river, a family farm came into view. It looked pretty unremarkable as she drove nearer, then she saw what looked like another zombie, except it seemed to glow blue and the air sizzled with electricity all around it. Miriam thought there was NO way she was going to try to face that thing head on as she had with the undead in the little town she recently left, so she buckled up her seatbelt and angled her truck straight towards it. Mindful her truck was nearing it’s last legs, she didn’t stomp on the gas before making contact. Instead she ran into it at about 20 or 25 mph and ground it across the pavement, hoping that would kill it and not damage her ride too much more in the process.

The electric monstrosity died and her truck still seemed driveable, so Miriam said a quick thank you for the small bit of good fortune before climbing out and making sure the corpse would never rise again. The noise brought out a few more undead, but they weren’t radiating electricity and her slingshot took over where the truck left off. The farm didn’t have much beyond fresh food out in the fields that she could see any immediate use for. Off in the distance however, she could only just make out a patch of land in the middle of the river. It looked bare, but maybe there was enough space to put up a little shelter and have her own little island refuge from the horrors on land.

Miriam couldn’t swim out to the little island, she was never that good in the water, but maybe she could float out there if she could just get a raft put together. So with that thought, Miriam began pulling apart cabinets and furniture in the farm house. She had way more wood than she figured she needed, but she kept ruining nails as she was disassembling everything. After all her reverse carpentry her back was sore, her hands ached and she was spent. Sleep came easily and deep, and with the rising sun she was off into the fields to pick some breakfast then back to work nailing boards together into something she hoped would float. By late morning, the raft was complete. Just large enough for herself and a couple boxes she hammered together to carry what few tools she had and a little supply of food for her scouting expedition.

Pushing the raft into the water, Miriam said a quick prayer - she seemed to be doing that a lot more lately. It floated! She loaded her supplies aboard and climbed in - still dry. She chuckled to herself as the raft slid away from the bank, she was now a naval power. It was slow and arduous work but the raft began to near to little island. There was nothing on it, not even a single tree or bush. After making land to catch her breath, Miriam squinted out over the water and saw two more islands! Both looked wooded, and wooded meant building supplies and maybe some wildlife. The more northern island was slightly larger though and had a marshy region as well. That was her choice, where she would explore next for her own private refuge.

The trip itself was exhausting just as before, but this time as she neared the shore, fish were all but jumping aboard her raft. There were birds flying overhead and you could see bushes dotted with berries and fruit hanging from tree branches. A group of beavers were playing further up the bank.

This is where Miriam leaves off at the moment. The island looks like it can sustain her but she has to explore to make certain that there are no undead waiting for their next victim.


The debacle at the research facility had taught Genevieve an important, if painful, lesson. All the readiness and supplies in the world wouldn’t help her if they weren’t on hand when she needed them so with a sense of purpose she had begun the biggest project she’d ever undertaken.
Working hard though the hot summer nights she’d began modifying one of the handful of road worthy military vehicles that had come into her possession, adding all the things that her new life and circumstances required. It had been a difficult task but she’d gone at it with a will, for all her scouting Genevieve had yet to discover even a single other human settlement and there was increasingly less reason to stay in this remote location.
The target of her work had been a battered Armoured Personnal Carrier, old it might of been but it had suited her purposes well. By the end the interior had looked almost entirely different and with perhaps a touch of bitter humour she’d dubbed it the Armoured Personal Crypt for she had long since begun to accept what she’d been made into.
It was at the high of summer when she finally decided her work was complete and with a heavy heart she’d bid farewell to the underground shelter that had been her refuge for so long…

Time to get mobile, spent a whole lot of time travelling and have yet to discover a single town other then the one I started near, max city spacing means exactly what it says on the tin I guess. Not the biggest vehicle I’ve ever made, nor the smallest but it should do what I need comfortably. Time to go find me some magic stuff, artifacts and nasty stuff to kill. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nasty stuff achieved!


Miriam found a trio of tiny islands in the middle of a large lake. The first was totally barren, no wildlife, no plant life, nothing. The second was slightly larger, lush with fruit trees, bushes loaded down with berries and plenty of birds, fish, beavers and otters to enjoy watching and to provide sustenance. The third island, from a distance, looked similarly wooded as the second.

Life was thoroughly enjoyable. Miriam scouted the island and it was free of undead, so she could walk around without fear of being attacked, without needing to sneak about quietly like a little mouse, she could observe the local wildlife which appealed to her zoo keeper past and most importantly, she could finally sleep deeply and without worry of being eaten alive while she slumbered.

Hard work came naturally for Miriam, so gathering up stones and branches in such an idyllic place was more a joy for her than anything else. Before she knew it, Miriam had a proper charcoal kiln and smoking rack to show for her efforts. There was a lot of tall grass on the island and it made for a relatively comfortable bed once she bundled it up and tied it all together. The weather had been picture perfect, but eventually it would change on her, so a proper structure would be her next order of business. She was hesitant to do so, but Miriam took apart one of the boxes she’d built onto her raft. With a few modifications, it was converted into a small grid like frame and with her trusty shovel, some soil and long grass was mixed together with a bit of water and pressed into the grid like frame. Once they dry, she’ll have bricks to make herself an adobe style structure.

She had books she wanted to read further, books from an old cabin she visited what seemed like ages ago. Books that didn’t speak of topics like repairing an engine or how to speak more confidently, these books spoke of arcane ways that the world seemed to move on from before everything fell apart. She already taught herself how to conjure up a flicker of fire from her fingertips. Nothing substantial, but enough to start a fire with. While bricks for her new home were being made and cured, she read. And read. And read some more.

Maybe it was being so consumed with the work of making bricks, maybe it was from voraciously reading but it wasn’t before a few days in that she heard a thrashing in the water just off the banks of her little island. Miriam’s curiosity and zoo keeper past led her to go investigate what creature was thrashing around so violently in the shallow waters. It was a fish, a salmon, but this was not a normal fish. It was easily as large as a fully grown dog and it was fighting an unfortunate otter who probably thought it would be an easy meal.

Would it attack her? Probably, given how it went after anything else that moved. For now however, Miriam used the beast’s instincts to her advantage. It seemed to attack viciously and mindlessly but didn’t eat what it killed. Miriam let it continue it’s rage filled killing spree and she simply slipped into the water to gather up the bodies of the victims in it’s wake. Her smoking rack would be getting its first test thanks to this giant, angry mutant fish.


We’ve all probably seen plenty of “towns” made of only four houses. Well I’ve ran into a real ghost town without a single building whatsoever. Although it did have a lot of zombies in the area.


The building had a strange look to it but unusually for these troubled times there had been no dead in the area, only a clearing where nothing grew shouded by forest. Genevieve didn’t question where it had come from, she had long since decided that if she continued to be surprised by all the new things that had seemingly appeared in the world she simply wasn’t going to last. The place might of been deadly for other less well equipped explorers but the high tech armoured suit had taken care of the greater share of dangers and she’d bullied her was through the rest. At the bottom level she’d come across to unusual items, they had looked old but fairly common but there was an… aura surrounding them. It was hard to describe but Genevieve could just feel it, like static electricity or heat from a fire, she decided to take them with her. The world was different now, understanding it was key to suvival and every new clue was important…

Afterward and after checking her map Genevieve had realised just how close to the area the people at the Hub had wanted checked out she was, one look at the collapsed Office Tower however had convinced the girl that the “good folk” from the Hub were simply trying to get her killed.
This wasn’t a mission for one person, it was a mission for a small damn army. Even driving past she’d spotted hundreds of the dead swarming the area and she suspected there were hundreds more where she couldn’t see and in the tower itself, not to mention the other twisted creatures there.
Well, if they wanted her gone so badly she’d oblige them and they could send some other poor fool to die here. There was plenty more road to travel and, she hoped, plenty of other survivors she could find.

“Well, it cant hurt to have a look I guess… Nopenopenopenope” Maybe if the Hub actually gave a decent reward I’d try but I’m not risking it otherwise. In other news I’ve had some luck with artifact hunting, found two very useful ones in a strange temple to add to the one I got at the bottom of the mine. A ring that gives limited clairvoyance in return for increaed thirst and dropping my speed and a robe that bumps my dex up by 4 in return for dropping my health stat, along with the mine one which is a helm that gives mental protection for (as far as I can tell) no drawbacks I think I’m doing pretty well on that front, though admittedly the helm is less useful considering I’ve got the phase immersion suit. The robe I’ll start looking at come autumn when the weather cools but the ring I carry everywhere, too damn useful not to.

First post, so let me know if I do something wrong please!

While coming back from a day two loot run on my Bionic Assassin run, a mi-go ran out of the woods and had me cornered against my car. I grabbed my single barrel shotgun but he was upon me before I could reload. I activated my mono molecular blade, adrenaline pump, combat routines, and took him out in 5 hits. He banged my head and arm up pretty good but I am going to spend the next few days in my van healing and reading.

He scared me good, going to back over his corpse to prove a point.


just FYI: mi-gos usually don’t spawn in the middle of nowhere. There must be either dead scientists, dead military or mi-go encampment/tower nearby. Or maybe a portal. idk if they can spawn from a portal, never seen it myself.

Random music genre generator strikes(gold?) again:


Looks like Juggalos branched out before the 'clysm.

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It’ll take more than zombies, mi-go, rogue robots, fungus, triffids, and the odd bandit to stop the Dark Carnival, brother.

Been playing Magiclysm for a few days now as an Unwilling Mutant (only Biomancy and Animancy/Animism so far) with an Unarmed build; during one of my first few days out in the wilderness, I had the (what I now know to be) great fortune of finding a Scroll of Vicious Tentacle. I had decided to try the more horrific magics anyways, so I learned it and have been practicing it - but only after casting it a few times did I realize that it has the ‘uses Unarmed techniques’ property. Decided to give it a proper field test and, well…

It certainly does the trick. I’m ecstatic about how well it performed.


After getting some smoking racks set up, I finally took on the owlbear that’s been terrorizing the nearby area; didn’t even get a scratch on me :wink: