Time going by super slowly

So, started a new save… and it has taken 4 irl hours to get through one day in CDDA.
Is there a fix for this? Experimental version

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Well, I’m going to hazard a guess and say you haven’t played in many months? They transitioned to 1 second turns a while ago (maybe . . . almost a year ago? idk) and so now days last a lot longer unless you’re doing something that quickly passes time.

It depends on what you do. Reading, long crafts, and vehicle modification for example still advance time relatively quickly. If you spend all day walking around town and looting, yeah, it can take forever. I spent two full hours playing on stream maybe a week ago and I don’t think we’re past maybe two in the afternoon.


Try doing same amount of things during in-game day in previous versions (make sure options are the same).

If you did less or same amount - everything is good.

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Its possible that there is just a lot of enemies / entities nearby. Perhaps fungus. If thats the case I recommend fire. Lots of it. It might also be zombies. Depends on your spawn rate, but essentially when you have a lot of entities around you, it takes longer to sleep/read/work in real time but not game time as it has to move those entities.


What, no one has yet mentioned Z-Levels…or suggested turning that ‘feature’ off (restarting the game) and then checking the speed? It’s one of the most obvious/egregious sources of slow processing of time units in the game. Granted, the lack of specific details or examples in the OP doesn’t really help.


So… it’s not the computer that’s running slow. Time is only going by in seconds… so it takes me about 1 min in game to walk to the entire other side of the city. I thought it was the rollerblades, but I took them off and I still have super human speed.
Save speed is super fast, no lagging or anything. It’s just my character is moving through the world at super human speeds and nothing else is. It only took her 2 minutes to read like 5 books.

No Z levels. Character is moving through the game world too quickly, making time go by slowly if that makes sense. So to talk from one end of the city to the other should normally take like an hour, it’s taking my character only seconds.

Hour is roughly 5 kilometers which is roughly length of an overmap. How far did you travel?

About 15 blocks at walking speed

Walking past 15 buildings without any action (fighting, …), at normal walking speed, without speed modifier/penalties and without any mods added or traits or active bionics etc. should take 6 ingame minutes (1 tile per second, an overmaptile is 24 tiles, 15 overmap tiles times 24 normal times makes it 360 tiles = 360 seconds = 6 minutes).
Please test it again. If that’s roughly correct, everything is “normal”, as @TheMurderUnicorn stated:

If it really takes only seconds to do this, please tell us if you…

  • use mods in the world that may influence your speed (like SpeedyDex)
  • have an/multiple active bionic(s) (also check the passive ones)
  • play on the launcher and which version you using so we can check it


Having the same exact problem. Took 4 irl hours to finish just one day. Walked across an entire city in like 30 game seconds

I mean… yes, of course. Since you opened this very topic, it’s reasonable to assume that you have the exact problem you described in your first post…
If you check out and answer the request for details above your last post, you may also get some help with that problem…

There is another issue related. Our current cities are MUCH smaller than they should be. One can set cities’ size to maximum in world settings and look at the size of some generated city. Its size will represent an average IRL city, or maybe even less.

The number of IRL hours it takes to finish one in-game day is completely irrelevant information. It totally depends on what you are doing in game. You can finish an entire in-game day in just a few minutes of IRL time if you’re just sleeping or reading for example.

Regarding character movement in the game-world. A standard character in good condition on flat terrain moves 1 space per second in the orthogonal directions (N,S,E,W) and roughly 2 seconds per space diagonally. This assumes standard shoes, no mutations, no roller-blades, and 100 SPD (the number of movement points you get to spend each round). these will very slightly every few steps depending on the exact speed/move-cost numbers. You tap your move key North and watch the clock and 1 second will usually pass. this is normal now, since the 6 second to 1 second timing change.

The game used to use 6 second rounds, meaning when you pressed the move key to go North it took 6 seconds on the clock on average. The net effect of this means that you can now effectively move 6x faster than you used to (or looked at another way, days seems to last 6x longer when you are just moving around the game-world).

So, if you are crossing an entire city in 30 seconds and without any extra move costs/bonuses…that city was only 30 squares wide since you only move 1 space per second on average. If you are somehow moving many squares per every second that passes on the clock then something is definitely wrong or you have significant movement bonuses that you are unaware of. For example: if you are running with Roller-Blades and the Road Runner trait the average character has a move cost of 23, a SPD of 100, meaning you can move 4-5 spaces before 1 second elapses on the clock.

I’d like to make a suggestion.
If I could save time in a bottle. The first thing I’d like to do, is to save every day, til eternity passes away, just to spend them with you.

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Awww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . You’d do that for me :grin: ?

…Which would be only one building, since an overmap tile is 24 squares. I mean, yes, there are some cities this small in the game, but I don’t think that’s the case…

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time is relative in cataclysm. sometimes it can take you a few days just to survive and others times you can have a whole month fly by in a few hours. that’s both the blessing and the curse of having a turn based survival game.
are you just simply trying to survive or are you sleeping and crafting or researching books? because those can take a while.
when you’re starting out as a weak person time does go by slowly as you are being careful. its the same way in real life too. when you’re just barely scrabbling on minutes can seem like hours, days seem like weeks…

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It’s a lovely song no?