What type of character\build do you use?

Year ago I used melee-mutated-CBM-addict char (munchkin mostly), and now want to do it again. )

And you?..

I tend to use test chars (mutations galore, OP’d) for experimental and my alter ego for the stable build.

I generally use one of the following:

-A representation of myself
-A representation of a fictional character / famous person
-Taking a specific profession and traits that work with the character persona (Illiterate terrifying hobos FTW!)

A Cyberpunker that’s chromed out. Chip in and metal up choomba!

Kung-foo badass with 4 perception and 14 strength B)

Representation of myself, the most realistic way, with bad traits and all.

[quote=“StopSignal, post:6, topic:5245”]Representation of myself, the most realistic way, with bad traits and all.[/quote]Kind of the reverse for me; a representation of myself, but with all the bad traits replaced with good ones. What? I suck in real life, why would I come to a game where I can be whatever I want to be and continue to suck?

Yeah ) I don’t thik any of as will survive in this case. This “representation of themself” thing is very speculative. )

I think that i would survive… i am a skilled programer,skilled mechanic,skilled electrician,skilled marksman (was in the army as a marksman,me and my M24 are a great team) and i also fight in an MMA club which is quite brutal as some people broke legs,arms and ribs during the fights,someone even cracked his skull. so yeah,i would survive :slight_smile:

I go with:

10 in every atribute execept strength ( left at 8) Quick,a few negative traits and a varying profession.

a nerd with an obsession with arrows and guns normally.
Other times it can be anything from a soldier-dwarf with an obsession with combat knives and just general sharp things to a spy who has no idea what the heck to do.

I tend to pick a theme, i.e. an ageing biker with bad knees,smoker, a strong back and some fighting skill.
Then a play out the theme abit

int 20, fast learner, fast reader, hobo and a bunch of negative traits

kinda of a good will hunting that went wrong

Power game the shit out of it, tailor, full on bad traits, night vision then just as high stats as possible, 13-14 str and int if I can, decent dex, 10 per, 1 point in dodge. Play with mutie till I get 2 or 3 decent traits and nothing hideously bad, all the cbms I can jack into myself.
Up the Z spawns and down the item spawns.
Still, char like this is nigh unkillable after a few days, can melee like a boss, carry piles of crap, install all the cbms after some bookreading and shoot strait when required.

There was a thread about it somewhere on the forums, and believe me, we also have good traits…

Interesting how I’ve never noticed a single one around here, then.

As for me it depends, if I’m trying out a new experimental or stable then I minmax my character and turn the point total up so I can hit the late-game easier and try out all the new features. Otherwise, most of the time I just randomize my character and see what Fortuna’s wheel brings me.

You are certainly one to speak[quote=“Inadequate, post:16, topic:5245”]Interesting how I’ve never noticed a single one around here, then.[/quote]

And as a side note to Inadequate, does that comment imply that you are above the likes of the common forumer (myself and rest) or that you yourself are a lowly quality lacking individual that suffers daily from their absolute indignation of the world around them (like myself [wont speak for others]) and as such understands the attributes recognizable with said person/persons to the point of needing to exemplify yourself by pointing out the flaws and downfalls in the lives of your similars? Alas i simply could be reading into too much. Tell me, are feelings on the subject inadequate? teehee

I play so that i can see land mines without pain penalties, strength enough to carry way too much armor and some candy and a gas mask in a bag. intelligence is at the whim of my profession choice as i prefer to have a dexterity as close to 12 as i can get it. No skills unless its the occasional fabrication to help eliminate grinding. Traits are almost always quick, fast, learner, fleet-footed, and whatver negatives im mooding for. After that im on the quest for power armor and any big sniper I come across. And explosives. Shopping cart after shopping cart line with explosives.

There was a thread about it somewhere on the forums, and believe me, we also have good traits…[/quote]

This one?

On topic: I almost always choose:
9 Str
9 Dex
10 Per
10 Int
+1 point in dodging and profession: Shower victim
The traits vary but: Lightweight, addictive personality, night vision and quick can always be found.

As for me, I mostly just RP whatever character when I feel like it, especially with uncommon profession like Senior Citizen or Prostitute :slight_smile:

I really want to update the memorial files to include all the character data. And create a place to upload them towards. So we can look at what people play.