What most excites you in new versions?

For me, new buildings and places to explore and find hold the most interest in new versions. Playing with the .5 prerelease and seeing churches, public works, etc is awesome. Hell, even the gas stations outside of towns I find quite exciting for some reason.

What do you really look forward to/search out in a new version?

If it is stable, the game…

I haven’t reached ANY spoilers at all due to glitches, bugs and retarded mood swings but the last one is just me >:D

Just a quick Q:
Where can I keep track of what is going in?

Hmm, I’m also not sure where to look for the things in the new version.

Anyhow, I’m usually looking forward to new buildings / vehicles the most, and then there are the items and…Geez, I could just go on forever. It’s like Christmas whenever I see a new version in the announcement forums!

From what I understand, the changelog is somewhat getting done.

Apart from that

has a list of things that are being changed, although can be a bit hard to understand for those of us who are less good at coding.

despite all of my lurking and posting I resist the urge to look at the change log for new versions, also the wiki: opting to discover everything all on my own.

That being said: I’m the most interested in the fluff that’s added I.E a new building layout, a new monster, new loot etc etc. I hear talk of buildings outside of towns like a gas station on a road…I almost peed!

as well as the link vorpal2 posted, there’s also an updated changelog with what’s been currently added for the upcoming release.

as to what i’m looking forward to? not being cold :slight_smile: and in the far off future: NPC action. it’s a way off but i like the thought of gathering survivors and getting a working community together.

The new stuff I guess. I typically pull the latest git between my characters and do a fresh compile. At least recently there has been some cool stuff, buildings mostly, I had not seen before. It’s like I am getting a new, but similar game every day at times.

Before NPCs get new features, they have to be stabilised. They just love to cause segmentation faults.

Discover whats new. Even if I spend 5 days looking a glowstick (0.5). Just to see if it works and report all bugs, like glowsticks dissapearing magicly after being used…

The version number. It’s so Smexy.

Nah, but seriously the bugfixes tend to be pretty nice.
That said, there’s generally a lot of cool stuff in each new version.

That said I still prefer the things called Carboys over Gallon jugs. They just sound cooler. Then again, I suppose more people will understand Gallons as a unit of measurement than a carboy. (Seriously, you’ll hardly ever find carboys of anything over here in the EU.)

The gallon jugs don’t even hold a gallon.

They are cheaper that way, and we pass that value onto YOU, our customer!

I really enjoy new crafting recipes, because the more you can craft, the more you feel like a badass who lives not just off of made things they find, but are able to make new things yourself.

Tons of new stuff to discover, and enemies to kill/get killed by.

Most epic moment was when I wandered into a swamp in the new version and was beset upon by giant frogs, dragonflies, and crazy wasp things with ovipositors.
Yeah, I ran. Scary stuff, man.