What is the best throwing weapon?

Is it among wooden javelin,knife spear,combat knife and adamantite claws?

I think the knife spear or wood javelin.

I think the claws aren’t ranged.

You can throw the claws. It’s slightly buggy.

Machetes and pots are quite good too.

Hahahaha! That feature is hilarious! Hope its funny enough to stay in the game

I was going to say pointy sticks but in that case adamantine claws are ideal, as you can have an infinite amount of them as long as you have power.

You have to pick them back up to do anything with them.

Why would you pick them up when you can get a new set by activating them again?

You can’t, you have to pick them up.

You don’t have to in the most recent nightly build

Knife spear.
I still keep a save with a game log of 0.5 character, who drove a sharp stake, approx. 1.8 meters of a deadly knife spear to an aggressive bear leaping forward to him in a middle of nowhere, with 90+ hitpoints of damage before the beast was bleeding right in front of him, almost dead.
And if it’s less prone to getting stuck in oppos like other melee weapons in 0.7.1, it means that at close range it’s still deadly, but rather slow, piercing weapon

Personally, wood javelin. even with 10~11str it’s capable of oneshotting zeds and some specials and heavily wounding others. Damage seems to vary a lot though, I mean sometimes I’m getting glancing hits for 4, 6 damage in some cases-- and in others, critting for 60+, but I’ve not watched the top damage very closely. killing zombie brutes in two or three hits is fun though.

Isn’t there something like a porcupine, but it can shoot the quills? That’s what I imagine with the claw-throwing. Also, holy sheets you have a lot of metal in your body if you can just regrow them infinitely. TSA would love that.

As for best weapon, I’d go with the knife spear or claws.

i would say explosives are pretty nice throwing weapons… as a tip target next to the mob so the explosion kills it.

c4, grenades, molotov cocktails.