Does throwing make sense?

Once, I was wondering how effective throwing is as a type of attack, I gave my character bionics to enhance the throwing of iron objects, found a lone zombie and threw a throwing knife at him, to kill the zombie it took 5 knives to throw, and I’m sure that I was lucky with the numbers.
I may not know anything about this secret art of throwing, but is it necessary for something other than throwing a grenade into mushroom flowers?

On this issue… It depends on your skill level, the items you throw, the situation you face, and your own attributes.For example, when you are facing a large group of zombies, using a burning bottle or a grenade will achieve excellent results.

I conducted a test, throwing at the maximum level of throwing a knife with bionics that increases the damage from throwing iron by 2 times, I needed 5 knives for the weakest zombie. And throwing grenades is possible even at 0 skill level, so I’m wondering what and how I can throw to at least kill a simple zombie with 1-2 hits, and is it possible

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Try with a staff sling and rocks.

we’ll have to try it, thank you