Adamantite claws

So im playing on the 0.6 the experimental SDL (dont know what that is xP ) and i had an NPC who had adamantite claws. He died and i could pick the claws up. This shouldnt happen already, i think, since the claws are an CBM modification.I can pick the claws up, wield them, and i cant use my hands like you normaly cant, but i cant unwield them and at the same time i can just drop them. So i think this is a bug of some sorts and if you need a better explanation feel free to tell me.

Read previous posts, it has already been reported.

You can also throw them. I considered using the CBM to spawn throwing knives and just using them that way… You can throw them but I couldn’t deal damage sadly.

The coding makes damage based n weight, and since the item has 0 weight, it wont do damage.

An, that makes sense.

The NPC part of this bug should be fixed now, I don’t know about throwing the claws, it probably falls under the same “you can throw karate” type of problem.