What is a UPS-compatible recharging station?

What is a UPS in the first place?

UPS stands for Universal Power Supply (or something like that). Basically it’s a big battery with a universal connector so you can use it to power all the cool shit in the game. Energy weapons, power armor, anything with a UPS power mod, and some other stuff, can be run from a UPS battery. Or from your bionic power if you have the UPS CBM.

Since the UPS itself is basically a big battery, it has to be recharged somehow. You can toss normal batteries in but that’s silly. If you have a vehicle with battery power you can install some form of cargo space, a trunk, box, stuff like that. You can then put the UPS recharging station on that cargo space. If you have a UPS compatible item in a recharging station (and the recharging station is turned on) then it will automatically recharge the items in the recharging station from the vehicle at a 1:10 ratio.

I’m having a problem with the UPS recharging station. I have 2 separate books that are supposed to have the recipe in them, and I have my skills high enough to build it, according to the wiki anyway, but I cant find it in the crating menu. Am I missing something?

What books do you have and where do you have them? Until you memorize the recipe, the book containing it must be within a certain distance of you to craft the item therein. In my experience it’s usually best to just have it in inventory if you have the space to ensure that it’s close enough.

Have you tried searching the crafting menu? If you don’t know how, you use “/” at the crafting menu, type in “UPS” (it may not be case-sensitive) and press enter.

books: Advanced Electronics, and Mechanical Mastery. Both in Inventory
Stats: (this is the only thing I can think is the problem) Str:8, Dex:8, Int:8, Per:9
Skills: Mech:8, Elec:6, Fab: 6

According to the wiki these skills are high enough.

When I do a search in the craft menu for “UPS” I get results for a UPS and for a UPS conversion Kit, but not the UPS compatible recharging station.and when I look at it to install it in my workshop, the only component I am missing is the UPS compatible recharging station.

I believe the UPS Compatible Recharging Station requires 7 Electronics, despite what you may have read, so there’s the problem.

If you don’t have another electronics book lying around, then you may have to grind the skill up. If you decide to, I advise searching the crafting menu using “s:electronics” to single out recipes that use Electronics as a skill and finding a level 6 recipe with the lowest craft time, reasonable material requirements, and ideally something you can disassemble to minimize material use during the grind.

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That is exactly what it was it has a difficulty of 6 but apparently requires skill level 7. Thank you.

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good news big ass battery and with a little electronic moding can run all your battery operated shit
bad news to charge it you need a special frame thing in your car with a 10% efficiency so even the beastiest quantum solar deathmobiles die instantly trying to charge it up