What is a centrifuge?

I know what a centrifuge is IRL, specifically one that you stick blood samples in. But apparently the game doesn’t, because I have seen fuck all for documentation on this stupid thing beyond rumors and bits and pieces laying around that I can’t make any sense of.

I know it heals limbs that ‘break’. I don’t know how, or why, but it apparently does it because MAGIC…er, SCIENCE! Sure. Let’s go with that. Whatever.

Vacutainers. Crafting items; sure. But what do they do other than clog up the first time you try to play scientist? The centrifuge doesn’t accept blood samples, I don’t get any prompts or anything no matter what I carry or dump on top of it.

Someone PLEASE just spell this out for me, it’s driving me batty. How do I work this centrifuge, what are the blood samples for, and what purpose does the vacutainer serve?

For god sakes you really a a goddamned- Grr.

Vacutainer= A thing for getting your blood out of yourself. I don’t know why you need a special thing to get your own blood out of yourself, but whatever.

Blood samples= Usually human blood samples, it’s used in mutagen crafting.

Centrifuges= Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t do anything. Believe me, I’ve tried.

I thought there was a device in hospitals that gave stem cell treatments, and that was what could fix broken limbs.

Heh, reminds me of one of the old Vin Diesel Facts.

“When Vin Diesel donates blood, he doesn’t use a needle. He just asks for a gun and a bucket.”

There is Stem cell treatment, hurts like hell though so clear the hospital beforehand, though to note if you fail sets of an alarm but doesn’t shut down the computer so a good computer grinder if you don’t have a basic book I guess.

So a Vacutainer must be those air-tight little test tubes that they use in the doctor’s offices to draw the blood. My wife has to have blood tests, so I see them in use alot. Never knew that’s what they were called :slight_smile: Makes sense though as an item you need to collect your blood, at least in any sort of sterile way. The Vin Diesel method is not suggested for contaminant-free blood collection :wink:

What if the bucket was sterilized first? Then covered. And the bullet is now surgical steel.

When in doubt, grep the sources. Get windows git, use it to clone (and keep updated) DDA sources and then learn how to use grep (it’s quite easy). That’s one of the fastest and most reliable source of information. Most DDA code is easy to read.

I did `grep “centrif” -ri data src" and got one relevant result in src/computer.cpp. Apparently it is used for blood analysis. You place a single vacutainer with blood sample in it and then use a computer that has blood analysis function. Those computers seem only to spawn in hospitals.
This would mean lab centrifuges are totally useless.

Centrifuges appear in hospitals as part of a quest to analyze a blood sample. Otherwise they have no use.


Vacutainer’s are necessary not only for storage but also to actually “draw” the blood. As the name suggests, the vacutainer is a sustained vacuum which causes the blood to move out (due to difference in pressure). This allows controlled blood collection (as opposed to just slitting a vein and letting it pour out).


No, you didn’t fix anything. I meant exactly what I said. They are used for the zombie blood analysis mission that you can get from NPCs.

So end game stuff and quests. And unimplemented junk

…y’know I’m not entirely underwhelmed, but…bleh. Thanks anyway.