What does strict humanitarian mean?

My current random character started with the trait Strict Humanitarian, which apparently means I can eat “things that look vaguely human from elsewhere”, but “definitely aren’t human”. My diet so far has been no different than I’ve had with other characters, so I’m thinking the diet isn’t as strict as the name implies.

Does that mean I can eat zombies without worrying about mutant toxins? Or is it special things like Amigara horrors and Exodii? Is there some special benefit to eating them? I saw a lot of new recipes using mutant meat, but I don’t know if that is just because I’m using experimental versions.

My searches came up empty on the wiki, the Hitchhiker’s Guide, and here.

No to both (aside from not starving if you don’t have anything else to eat).


The word “strict” in “Strict Humanitarian” does not mean that your character can only consume that one thing, but that it only (strictly) considers “real humans” as “humans” and everything else not - even if it looks human, like blank body and similar. Hence s-/he can eat meals cooked with blank body (and other demi-human) flesh without the mood debuff that comes with cannibalism.
However, your character isn’t a full-fledged cannibal, so eating (real) human flesh will still have negative consequences.


Thank you Valase. Now that I know the description makes perfect sense. It is good to know I’m not missing out on some unique game mechanic if I ignore it, though. Of course that would kind of make it a reverse Chekhov’s gun sort of deal - a gun that shows up prominently in scene 1 but never gets used or even mentioned again. Thanks again. I appreciate it more than I probably should. Sometimes I’m like a little kid, I don’t want to MISS anything.

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all demihuman flesh is tasty to u

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