What do I need to make mutagen?

I’ve finally decided to start making mutagen in my game. The problem is, I have no idea what I need. I’ve searched up and down in labs, but I haven’t found the right tools. What do I need to find or craft?

Bleach and ammonia will be the main ingredients for crafting mutagen/purifier, you can find those all over labs, I think you’ll also need tainted meat for standard mutagen.

I know that, I meant the tools that I need to make mutagen. The chemistry kit isn’t enough.

Should be enough, maybe your cooking skill needs to be higher or you still need to find a recipe

Well, my problem is that an update added new tools that I have to find to be able to make mutagen

Oh I see, this is new to me too. That would explain the new science objects added to the game not too long ago.



I had my eyes on those science-objects for a while. This should be it:

3 Chemical making : Chemistry set.

Separation : Centrifuge. Found dozen of portable versions in the lab.

Analysis: I swear that spectrometers had it in earlier versions, but now this “Basic lab analysis kit” does.

you should be able to find at least one mutagen in labs or lab escape, or at least a recipe book