Struggle finding Analysis

Been through 4 labs now with no luck finding anything with analysis. Can’t find a small weight scale or a melting point apparatus either. Even the mutagen labs don’t have this stuff, where the heck is it and how were all these labs making mutagen without the tools to make mutagen?

Research centers are practically guaranteed to have it, the new microlabs have a pretty good chance of having it too, or you can continue to scavenge old classical labs in hope that you will eventually find it (but as you already saw, there is a pretty low chance of finding it there). The first two options will be combat heavy so be prepared.

This has been a great mystery ever since the mutagen recipes got reworked: Labs can be chock full of mutagen up to the point of having a giant tank of the stuff, yet almost never will you find a lab with the tools required to actually make any.

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I have to assume they simply forgot to update the drop tables for all the rooms or something. If I can figure out where that info is I could probably go fix that. Doesn’t sound like something that should be too much effort to fix once I find it, wherever it is. If nothing else the top floor of any mutagen lab should have the equipment to make mutagen pretty much guaranteed.

(your_CDDA_folder)/data/json/mapgen/lab is where you should look. lab_floorplans.json
is likely the file you will want to edit, although editing lab_rooms.json is also possible.

Thanks for the tip!