What do I do for the first day with Static Spawn turned on?

Ok so I’ve been trying the Static Spawn but i cant seem to survive long at all because of all the zombies spawning straight away. And my normal strategy won’t work because I would usually Raid untill 9:30AM so i would have enough supplies for the day. Now since I cant do that what am i suppose to do for the first day?

Find lighter. Attract monsters. Burn house. Walk around it until every zombie is dead. Pan skeletons. Attract more monsters. Repeat

I spend my first day(s) mapping out the size and outskirts of the town, generally while do that I will come across many farms, groups of dead people and houses in the woods which will sort me out for supplies. After that I will start (and fail) clearing out a section of the town with the building I want to raid, this normally end in a hulk or hulks playing with my corpse.

I normally have plenty of food and drink so I should stay outside of town longer and work on my skills a bit more before heading in.

I haven’t tried it out yet but it seems like it will come way more down to luck then playing without the static spawns. Seems like you will only be able to deal with the Hulks if you luck out and find some military corpses with good weapons on them or cheesing the game with fire/lava.

Ok thanks!

A good way to get a starting weapon is to smash up some benches in the evac shelter, and find a rock to hammer some nails into the resulting 2x4s.

You can also try learning archery and honing your skills in the countryside for a day or two before tackling towns bit by bit.

Fire is definitely essential for taking on bigger hordes.

Try creating a lot of noise in a house which you’ve set on fire (put a radio on, for example) and make a quick exit. You’ll get some Zs following you, but hopefully enough will die that you’ll clear a good section of town without any trouble.

Also shrubs = the windows of the survivalist.

I use a wreckage to slowly drain the life of the Zs and throw rock/spear to kill it. I was lucky to have a isolated sewage plant far from town. Because of this , i got very high throwing now(7)

I do like the static spawn how ever it would be good if you could merge it with the old one.

Where you still get the free time at the start, zombie spawn, then a day or 2 later the specials start to show. Then when you start killing them all, slowly less and less start to spawn and then none or the odd one here or there that could of “wondered” into town.

I just make a weapon, loot nearby zombieless structures and run.

Isn’t raiding the town at night still perfectly viable?

Having a hulk turn up 2 squares from you makes night raids a little more dangerous.

[quote=“Chutney, post:8, topic:380”]I do like the static spawn how ever it would be good if you could merge it with the old one.

Where you still get the free time at the start, zombie spawn, then a day or 2 later the specials start to show. Then when you start killing them all, slowly less and less start to spawn and then none or the odd one here or there that could of “wondered” into town.[/quote]

Yeah, I agree, something like the Rogue Survivor way, at the start there’s mostly normal Zombies , child zombies, perhaps a brute or two, and after a few days some of the normal zombies ‘evolve’ into specials, like a game of Pokemon gone wrong.

I think if hulks were a lot louder so you could tell what they were from their sound, they had poor hearing because of their muscular ears. Then it wouldn’t be risky to raid at night. They’d only find you if you ran into them, and that won’t happen unless you screw up.

But perhaps that is balanced with a zombie that can see in the dark but is really rare.

I think static spawns are a good idea, but combined with and skewed toward the old system, which I really liked (because it discouraged loud brute force and encouraged thinking/survival/hiding). Garrisoning Zs is good, but the spawning waves were great.

I find the new system great. With the almighty power of windows, you should be able to dispatch anything up to ‘brute’ anway, so fighting isnt that much of an issue.
Furthermore, you should just lure them a few at a times; carefully advance and as soon as you spot a Z retreat a little to a place where you will not run into other zombies and fight it and its friends there.
Actually, static spawns make looting even easier since you do not have to worry about stuff spawning where you thought you had everything cleared out. No more “WTF did that hulk come from?!” moments when carrying home your loot. As it seems, the hard hitters also rather spawn in the town centres, so you can easily raid the outer houses; almost ensuring that if you do spot a hulk, it should be quite far off - in which case, you can still lose it by running.

Yeah, as DTF says I’d really like to play with static spawn on-- but the specials get me every time. It’s easy as hell raiding the outer houses, but going anywhere near the town centre is a death sentence. I’ve turned it off for now-- I’m actually suprised at the sheer amount of stuff I can loot in the first hour and a half, compared with a day of luring individual zeds to their death and creeping through houses and smashing windows.

You should most certainly train a few days before venturing too far in.
Grab a few bottles of alcohol and make molotovs. Houses and libraries burn great and since zombies are too stupid to avoid fire, they will happily wander into the inferno. Maybe you can get by with just setting a bookshelf on fire, but a molotov certainly accelerates the deal a fair bit.
It took my a couple of days to finally reach that mil surplus in the center of the town… and it like it more this way than just rushing in and having almost full gear after a few hours. Also, having the town be almost devoid of zombies at 9am and suddenly full of them at 11am always struck me as very weird.

I haven’t played Cataclysm for awhile, but when I started again, I tried this new static spawn. It’s definitely different.

I started with Mechanics 1, so I could smash a locker and make a crowbar, and that’s kept me alive so far. But I’ve only been able to raid outlying homes, since the center of town is so deadly. I did a night raid on a sporting goods store and got inside just fine, but it turned out to be absolutely full of zombies! Luckily, I didn’t run into that hulk I’d seen at a distance.

There was a water purifier in the evac shelter, and I think that’s the only thing that’s kept me from dying of thirst. It’s definitely harder to get started. I don’t even have a backpack yet (but I did find some messenger bags, which are great).

But I’m enjoying it. I have to be really cautious, but that’s part of the fun. Of course, your starting location is going to make a big difference, but that was always the case.

And I never liked the idea of infinite zombies. I like to accomplish things in games, and now I feel like each zombie I kill is an accomplishment, since it’s one less plaguing our world. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you really need to be cautious at the start, raid the outlying homes-- and if they don’t have anything, well :S

Of course, you can always make a dash to the nearest parking lot and hope to high HELL there’s something there you can drive.