How to cut fabric in Innawood

Hi folks.

I have a problem. I would like to make a trapper pack. But for this I need a tool with fabric cutting 1.
Now there is hardly a possibility to make such a tool, unless you have the possibility to make bronze things.

Isn’t that unfair and unrealistic?

How did “primitive” cultures manage to cut fabric without such manufacturing possibilities?
"Native Americans, for example, they also cut leather, didn’t they?
Can’t you build in a tool to cut fabric at a “primitive” level?

To my knowledge there is currently no way to get fabric cutting without metal tools, no. You will need at least bronze tools.
Until then, wicker backpacks are probably your best bet.

The reason it is that way is because someone wanted to add fabric cutting tools to make tailoring more immersive and realistic, and they did not consider the effects that would have on Innawood playthroughs.

Some effort was made to make some simple items craftable without metal in PR #58565. If you’d like, you could make a new PR that expands the changes done there to cover more items. Alternatively, if you want to write down a comprehensive list in a feature request, I could take a look myself.

An alternative could be to research how pre-metal civilizations cut their leather and cloth, and implement the tools they used.

Let me be be clear and say that the fact that you need metal tools for loincloths is an unintended side effect, not intentional design.