One to outlive them all: Mutants, Cyborgs, Others

So I’ve been wondering lately, about the survivability and endurances of some survivors and ultimately, who would outlive everyone.

As the world becomes more inhospitable and aliened, to the point where the prior inhabitants are pushed to extinction. Said life itself would need to adapt if it wishes to live in the rapidly changing world. But the question is: who would last the longest?

Be it the mechanical warrior, the mutant pycho, the mycus mushroom muncher or a long list of other weirdos.

Now to answer this truthfully, the question splits in two ways. How would these types of survivors fair in real life? and how do they actually fair in the game?
And to get this ball rolling, my bets on the Mycus acolyte; Can’t go wrong with a higher entity backing your survivability, minus your identity of course.

My guess for the fate of the world is ultimately that live still extists and infact thrives. But it would be barely recognizable as most creatures would have mutated or have come from another dimention and the few unmutated that survived are the types of things that just don´t go extinct no matter what (normal bugs and rats, maybe rabbits and boar). This would be in addition to the undead walking around and dimentional instability.

My gues is that your standart human could survive just fine. Being both a omnivore and thus very flexible in what it eats combined with it´s intelligence (most mutants and zombies lack this on acount of their unnatural aggression), advanced group social structure and advanced tools make it a species completely cappable of surviving in the long run.

As for individual survivors though I would have to go with the either the mycus muncher or the mutant psycho this would mainly depent on what mutations the mutant has as it could range from having crippeling drawbacks that kill them in the long run to being a apex monster that doesn´t have to fear much. The mushroom seems pretty nice too but you are a guide to it and probably would be the first one to be send out into danger and you look so funky that you are laible to get shot on sight by other sentient beings.

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I would think that, depending on what mutations you develop, the mutamt would have the best odds of survival.

Really, any completely biological entity would fare better over the long run than a cyborg or mechanically enhanced human. They might start out strong, but parts break down or wear out over time. If you can’t fix yourself or don’t have proper materials, those mechanical bonuses are null and void, possibly becoming more of a hindrance than having nothing at all installed.

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I reckon if people were lucky enough, converting a group of survivors on the Alpha mutagen could potentially pump their odds of survival ten-fold. Especially with the boost to intelligence and physical capability.