What are the best places to look for a Foodperson mask?

I have found, something, and I know what I need for it.
To avoid spoilers in case anyone wants to experience this mystery theirselves, I won’t tell you exactly what it is, just that it involves Foodperson, and I need his mask.
I originally confirmed my suspicions by using debug to get one, and it works. But I want to explore the rest of this legitimately.

I used to find them a lot in basements, and abandoned storefronts / warehouses, but with the new basement generation they might be a lot rarer.

Okay, I’ll try to look around there a bit more.

Are you familiar with the item locator? I suspect it’s a bit out of date, but it lists lots of places for the foodperson mask. If you click on the “raw dump” link at the bottom, you can see percentages for each item at each location. The mask can be found at over a hundred places, but the highest chance I’m seeing is 0.11% (just glancing at a few dozen spots). Most places it’s down around .01% to .08%, So look everywhere, but be prepared to look for a while.

I’ve never seen one (but I’ve only been playing a few weeks).

If you are lucky you might meet Foodperson himself wandering around the wilderness hiding in some safe place like a cabin or farm. Then you just need to convince him to give away his mask with either words or force.

Also, one is guaranteed to spawn in the place you are trying to enter :stuck_out_tongue:
So you might consider breaking in from the 2nd floor (requires either a stepladder or for a neighboring building to be close enough that you can roof jump over), taking the aforementioned guaranteed mask, go back the way you came and then come in through the front door like you wanted.

Your face is inadequate, please go away.

The mask spawns mostly in garbage item group and maybe pawn shops.

You can also climb up onto the roof and break in…

I had a feeling that a mask was able to spawn inside that building, but there didn’t seem to be any available in the first floor. I don’t remember where the many stepladders I’ve seen are, but I can make one very easily, thanks!

if you’re talking about what I think you are it should be on a mannequin next to a mirror on the second floor. also why are you so excited?

How much time would need to pass for it to be considered ‘necroing’ a post?
Regardless, I found a foodperson mask a long time ago at this point.