Any ideas where to find normal cardboard boxes?

Been looking for the cardboard boxes for the survivor camp quests. Small and large are easy, but I only have one medium (the banana box size.) I think I found it in a bush. Searched the top floor of a mall and a couple labs, but no luck. Has anyone noticed nice stashes of medium cardboard boxes anywhere?

what do you mean normal carboard boxes? I thought they only came in one size
But the easiest places I can think of are just bushes or trash disposal receptacles

They now come in 3 sizes, and Dino Dave wants all 3. I have no idea where to get the medium boxes, though - I haven’t seen one yet.

have someone tried to check the spawn places in the json files?

They’re a rare spawn in trash and forest trash, a fairly common spawn in recycling centers, a rare spawn in hardware stores and offices, and they sometimes show up in trader inventories.

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There are loads of cardboard boxes in the basements of mansions.


Those are large cardboard boxes, not mediums.

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oh… so they are. My mistake.

Food container boxes? Have those changed too?

I recently found a “Cardboard Box” in a trashcan on one of the upper floors of an apartment tower so try checking trash cans when you get the chance!

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Are normal cardboard boxes supposed to be common

the cardboard boxes of this topic are the one used as containers, kind of like a crate. and AFAIK the boxes that contain food (or detergent, etc.) are still the same

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No worries, and thanks for the try, roisterer. After some time checking trash cans, I spawned some normal boxes and destroyed some larges in recompense. Really cool having this little team of outcasts - they have some very interesting skills.

I may be late to the party, but I’ve found that a box of toilet paper results in a banana box sized cardboard box (plus toilet paper, of course). Version 0.E stable.

I think it might be worth the while to revive the thread, as I suspect there are more newbies than me that will be looking for boxes.

As mentioned, small ones are found in homes (detergent for instance), and restaurants, etc. storing for storing food.

Large ones can be acquired from basements, as mentioned, by investing 7½ minute into deconstructing each of the constructed boxed found there (from the construction menu).

Normal cardboard boxes were much rarer when this thread started. Now they spawn in a reasonable amount and can be crafted if you really need them.

Instead of deconstructing large cardboard boxes 'e’xamine one and choose to take it down, you will save time that way.

I’d missed that you can craft them, and the examine method seems rather useful (although I’ve had to waste time in basements to cool down, but I could have been reading instead).
Both the unspecified “medium” cardboard boxes and the large ones are somewhat tricky though, as they can be hard to recognize (I didn’t even realize the weird coat hangers of the “standard” tile set was boxes until I switched to the Undead People one, and them being constructed added another complication).