Foodperson is amazing

That’s it.

Foodperson. Is amazing.

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Labor of love!




omg that is super super nice

It’s cool and all…
but you can’t see anything whenever it’s dark. Even with Night Vision and 9 Perception I can only see 1 tile.
If i turn the dumb mask on… i get a whopping two tiles of vision (while being lit up like an xmas tree … one that cannot be unplugged).

I’m new to the game, so maybe I’m missing something.

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Foodperson is a hero, a defender of Foodplace, and server to the hungry citizens. Foodperson deserves to be shining and glorious, seen by all. All who deny the Power of Food shall taste a baseball bat.

It matters not that the mask is restrictive in darkness if you carry a flashlight or lamp. Or, wear a headlamp.

All negatives to Foodperson are instantly non-issues anyways with the protection and housing of Foodperson’s Foodlair (Foodplace 2nd story breakroom)


can someone be kind enough to explain food person to me?, i can infer that is an item?

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Foodperson is the mascot of Foodplace, a hip fast-food franchise from the latter days of the pre-Cataclysm. I get the impression that they served a bit of everything rather than focusing on a particular type of cuisine?


@Mantar I’m fairly sure it was analogous to any other fast food chains that existed pre-cataclysm. Food spawns in the restaurant kitchen might not reflect that. The whole FP getup gives me the wage slave vibes, especially with a mask announcing one’s shift time when they turn it on. That surely biases my speculation.

@Ragno If you’re really curious, make a new character, look into the “The Mascot Rises” scenario, and pick the “True Foodperson” class.

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Foodperson is a mascot from a generic fastfood chain called Foodplace.
They look like some batman type vigilante.
The pre cataclysm was pretty ruthless so yes turning the mask on basically forces you to advertise foodplace until the battery run out.

Foodperson can be encounter through: one NPC that is convinced to actually be a real super hero
A profession start where you are convinced said superhero (expect some shenanigans when encountering another true foodperson in game).
And finally his gear: mask, armor and cape can be found in game.
The idea is inspired by shadowrun/fallout/portal approach to employee management, that seeme to fit within the pre cataclysm world
The true foodperson NPC is similar to the silver shroud in fallout 4 (and the other comic book superhero in fallout 3) in the fact that it’s a person convonced to be a comic book type super hero in a world that is actually super dangerous and full of monsters.
Also it s a silly addition to the game, it started with just thz mask (that I almost made be a CBM that get forced installed on you) and got ou of control.
I got help from discord for the amazing slogans of Foodplace.


Ah, see, I just picked the character, I didn’t realize there was a game start.

I’ll have to search for my lair!

I had a method of raiding towns at night, in the dark. I see now the error of my ways.
FoodPerson skulks not in the shadows!

*flicks flashlight on, dramatically