What are some things that should be in the Cataclysm?

Since there are mine-fields, I thought a neat thing would be a metal detector. I don’t know what stats/skills it would use, but as long as it has power it can detect any metallic objects in soil. As far as tiers

1.) Military mine detector: a simple but effective tool designed to locate metal objects. Has an option to audibly chirp or have a display light up upon detecting an object. uses UPS.

2.) Civilian Metal Detector: A very basic kit that pings when it detects metal within a short range underground. Not reliable or particularly robust. Comes in two variants: A small pocket detector that chirps and has a poor battery life. A second variant is larger, with a cumbersome battery, and still chirps in much the same way.

3.) Rivtech Detector: A very rare, experimental detector. Is able to pick up objects and has a display to list depth and size. Has electronics built that can be set to locate specific, preset other objects (perhaps radioactive, goo, or something like that). Uses UPS.

At default, it could aid in looking for mines, but perhaps it can be used to examine tiles to see if there is metal on/in that tile.


Stalker style Anomalies. Plus the various detectors that could be required to detect those anomalies to avoid anomalous areas. Traversing them etc…

Being able to make those detectors would require certain levels of skill. Plus the programs that can be found in lab computers maybe downloaded to memory devices and transferred accordingly to other devices of storage.

Dead scientists can carry better detectors and the best ones of course. Better than what can be home made. Look to:

ModDB and Stalker Anomaly for easy information on this as a guide. Also. Play that game too =P


I saw a mod the other day that added gluten free alternative recipes and it reminded me that there were hardly any plant-based alternative foods, like almond/soy milk, veggie burgers, tofu, seitan, etc. but there should be!

It’s extremely difficult to be meat intolerant, lactose intolerant, and junk food intolerant when those foods make up a vast majority of the foods you come across. I know that this is a pretty accurate reflection of reality, but plant based food is becoming more and more commonplace in households around the world.

Even if they’re not processed consumer goods, and you have to produce them yourself, I’d still be up for that.

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It’s really easy to add new food items and recipes. Read the guide to adding new content and make some contributions. This is an open source game, you can add the content you want.


More thermal gear or a better way to deal with those damn ice labs, More end game locations to trawl through, and more ways to raise your skills past 10


Tbf, you can wear four sets of themals iirc, two sets as a whole suit and two sets as individual parts. Unless something has changed since I last tested it anyways.

still, some more high tech solutions would be nice, also balaclavas don’t fit rat muzzles


Aye, your not wrong.

I really like the idea of adding anomalies and wish I was a better programmer. They fit right in the cataclysm theme, and more environmental hazards would be great. Simple ones like the scorcher or acid type ones can probably be done via the trap system, but what I really want is the mini vortex type to suck items, monsters, and players in.
The trick is not murdering new players with zero trap skill to a seemingly invisible trap.


You’ve given me the small push I needed to make my first PR! Thanks.


My evil plan to generate more content for CDDA by making it easier for people to contribute continues to bear fruit!

Good job on the first commit. I fixed a minor typo in your summary line.


Phased plasma rifle in a40 watt range.


Text parser for npcs. Maybe could evolve to be like Morrowind’s to an extent. Conversations could be started or expanded by typing and/or coming across keywords to uncover more info and topics.

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REAL NPC factions, and camps

I would love to se actual functining NPC factions and camp, building their camps in real time.
Alot of the camp system is already automatic, so its not far off.

Factions wars would be awesome, them sending troops to raid you, or steal from you, and you having to defend and counter attack them.

You could negotiate with them, make allies or enemies or peace, maybe even dominate/enslave their camp to you… Ooooor roll them over with a tank :wink:

Would really make the game world feel alife.


Time to revive this thread.

I’d like to see an Echolocation mutation for troglobites and fish that pings every minute or so, letting you see terrain around you for one turn before it goes into map memory. The difficult thing would be coding some terrain to block it - like windows, which you can see through but shouldn’t be able to echolocate through.


Oooh, sorta like the smell vision for cbm’s?

A bit like it, yeah, with the obvious exception that it wouldn’t leak through windows, doors, etc. The ‘ping’ would stop at any solid surface and end there (with exceptions for things like metal bars, trees…) revealing everything else in a radius around you.

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Trainable then ride-able Horses. Fueled by feed and go at the slowest vehicle speed.


I would like to get some time to implement animal engines and rideable horses, but I keep getting too busy with other projects.

If some programmer new to CDDA likes horses and wants a good learning project, I can probably walk someone through the necessary code changes.


I think “prone to headaches/migraines” would be a killer negative trait to implement.

Could you imagine trying to survive whilst suffering a massive pounder of a headache? Give it something like -1 STR, -1 DEX, -2 INT, -2 PER for a headache, and -2 STR, -2 DEX, -4 INT, -4 PER for a migraine, and we’d have a really challenging negative trait to deal with. Throw in more distraction from mounting pain…

Yeah. Keep that aspirin handy.