How about adding health and diet system

Player will get fat after eating too much unhealth food or with too much Calorie intake,then VIT and AGL will be changed, so player should keep fit by doing some exercise. To do this, player should go to gym or build some sports apparatus. Otherwise,shower and toilet should have their own use too. facilities could be more useful.

So toilet usage won’t be a thing
Shower could give you a morale boost but there s no running water after the cataclysm
Body fat management could be done I think, but we would need to monitor energetic spending of the player which might be a bit tedious to code and no very rewarding in term of gameplay

seems like stuff that the health system simulates well enough withut need for this kind of unneccesary complication.


I think the nutrition system and the health system models this pretty well. For morale you can shave (requires soap) and cut your hair. Most survivors are pretty active by default and with the hibernation mutation you can stuff your face and get the fat deposits for winter. Something as in depth as you describe is probably too obtuse for real game-play use.

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Can confirm while fat systems definitely show some promise, in game-play they are for the most part just a “Oh, I need to eat a bit more” mechanic. Fat stores would only really come into play during a period of time where the survivour has fasted for a bit and that just does not happen mid-late game.

Sorry…had to.


I feel like it probably wouldn’t be very worthwhile adding a fat system due to the fact that survivors generally need to exercise a whole lot to survive.
-Heavy backpack? Check.
-Consistent hiking, whether running or walking? Check.
-Frequent combat? Check.
-Construction can also potentially be rather tiring too, escprcially when you are hauling large amounts of materials around.

Nah, we good. We may still have some junk food, but getting fat ain’t gonna happen realistically.

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While you may have difficulty becoming obese, storing fat would be very trivial in the cataclysm universe, calorie dense food and drinks are everywhere and you would only need 3-7k calories to start storing fat reserves.

After nutrition value of food was migrated to calories, the next conscious step to differentiate between eating 2000 kcal of pure lard and 2000 kcal of healthy diet would be to introduce carbs/protein/fat system (based on vitamin system) to track the intake. Insufficient intake or overabundance of nutrients would result in progressing loss of health hidden meter, and perhaps few other effects that are commonly the effects of unbalanced diet. This would also encourage the balanced diet and discourage living off one type of food after mid-game, promoting the use of different recipes often for short term food. Optional for those who don’t want to dabble that much in food micromanagement.

but the nutrition system already does this, but is blacklisted by default because it made the game to tedius trying to track a bunch of nutritious values the player had no way of keeping track of.

I don’t think it would be difficult to keep fit in the apocalypse, you’d be walking around all day, hauling things, running, fighting, etc. Even on days where you aren’t fighting anything your level of physical exertion would be decidedly non-sedentary.

Yeah even literal ‘Do nothing’ days would be far and few enough between, even if they were the goal, would be too little, for too short a time period, to change your body’s: metabolism, microbiome/microbiology, psychology, and energy storage habits.

Hell, I doubt a strong dedication to a Couch Potato WEEK would be substantial enough change to a survivor not net a result stronger than a slow day getting back into the apocalypse.

Only place I can see something like this having any noticeable impact, is at character generation, but again that can be simulated with the health stat and the starter traits/illnesses.

There are some medical conditions and hereditary trats that can make it esentially impossible to not gain weight. Saw something where this athlete suddenly started gaining weight, despite eating less than diets would recomend. Had to get brain surgery to fix it.
Pesonally, I am something of an oddball in the other direction, so I can’t really talk on how difficult/easy it would be to gain weight.

Most of this has already been said.
The question reflects attitudes that are late twentieth and early twenty-first century, very Western, and when put into the
perspective of broader history kind of foolish.
As one comedian put it: “It seems like it only counts as exercise if it doesn’t accomplish anything else. I bike five miles across town, it doesn’t count. I have to ride a stationary bike for it to be real exercise. I climb five flights of stairs to get to my gym so I can use the stair climber machine.” He went on to say that the TaiBo craze was a new level of this, “a ‘martial art’ that isn’t actually good for self defense”.

[quote=“gearform, post:1, topic:18292, full:true”] To do this, player should go to gym or build some sports apparatus.

The reason we have gyms and exercise machines is that we work at desks in offices where we sit all day. Back when we hunted wooly mammoths with sticks and ran away from saber toothed tigers, we didn’t need Bowflex or eliptical machines. Even when we spent the day plowing fields with a pair of mules we were getting plenty of exercise. Even now, plenty of people work jobs that give them adequate exercise.
You can’t tell me that running from zombies, hunting game with a spear, chopping up and reassembling vehicles, climbing through windows, fighting hand to hand, spending a fair amount of your time wearing heavy armor, chopping down trees, farming fields, managing livestock, and various construction projects isn’t viable as exercise.

With that said, a doctor who knows what he’s talking about (most MDs actually have very little training in diet and nutrition, and there is substantial evidence that much of what is taught as established scientific fact on the subject is dead wrong) said that no amount of exercise will fix your weight problems if you are eating the wrong things, that diet is a couple of orders of magnitude more significant as a factor in weight control than exercise is.
As @Litppunk said, there are medical conditions, genetic traits, hormonal imbalances, and so forth that can also affect this. But they’re the rare exceptions, not the general rule.

For most of human history, getting enough exercise hasn’t been a significant problem and getting enough food to survive has been a frequent problem. Apocalyptic events generally send you back to those defaults.

(Edit: Man that’s long. This is what the public education system has done to me, what it continues to do to us and our kids. It trains us to write three page papers to explain what could be adequately expressed in just a few sentences.)

nah man thats not the education system thats interactions with stubborn people trains into us. Bring the facts, bring them well, and bring them hot so its difficult to argue around the points we are making.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, only to curb what seemed a bit overly harsh/aggresive stance from Terror. Hit me as a bit excessive in the fat hating direction, and since it would be about as hard for me to get fat as people in those exceptions to get small, struck me as uncalled for.