What are NPC camps?

I recently just started playing cdda again. I never have gotten really far in terms of surviving for a long duration with a single character.

What are these NPC camps that people are talking about? How do you start one or find one?

I would love to have an NPC resistance kind of faction going on.

Also I would appreciate if someone could provide a link with details about the system or explain it as a reply to this thread.

Excuse me for my bad English, it isn’t my first language.

You’ll need to have Static NPCs turned on when you generate the world, then go to the console in the starting shelter and it can point you to a refugee center where you’ll find the NPCs.

So there’s no starting my own camp/ faction kind of thing at a custom place of my own choosing?

Oh, faction camps, yeah, sorry, waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

For that, you’ll need two NPC companions and a big empty field somewhere, preferably not too many tiles away from a forest and a source of water. Fields inside a ranch or whatever won’t work, but you can have your NPCs clear forest tiles to make them into fields.
Just take your NPCs out into the center of the field and talk to them, the option should come up.


Appreciate the help man. One last question hopefully, is there a disposition requirement before they’re willing to set up a camp with me?

I believe you just need to have them as allies.

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