Npc guide, or just advice

Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of an up to date guide/tutorial for NPCs in 0.G Stable. Ive had some questions regarding how camps work, NPCs crafting for the player, and if the refugee center merchant restocks. So far i havent found anything lick a guide, but if their is one I’d appreciate a link!:grin:

I don’t think there’s one whole holistic guide, but I can answer some questions here -

I can’t answer anything about manual NPC crafting, never really used it myself. For Camps, you put down a bulletin board in a supported location, and then can assign NPC’s to it. Create some Camp Resource zones in the zone manager, and you can give them food, tools and materials. Interacting with the board lets you assign them to missions, your choices of which will depend on your current expansions and resources. Once you’ve built up some stuff, you’ll have crafting options unlocked based on your structures. NPC’s will require food from the camp to do work, but won’t actively starve to death if the camp runs out. I think you can still assign generic scavenging work to them at that point, but otherwise they’ll refuse to work until they’re able to be given enough food for it. NPC’s will level up relevant skills as they work, so a forager will develop their survival skill and provide better returns. Some actions and expansion will require NPC’s with specific skills, such as construction for building expansions, so its worthwhile to train up your people.

I would advise not putting the camp in your personal, active base - different expansions will build out and replace stuff, and may give you a layout you personally don’t want to live in. It’ll take up a 3x3 grid at the end, so just a couple map tiles should be plenty. And you can always move in afterwards if you do want to live right in.

You can also use zone manager to create a few NPC zones, I do use disassembly zones and a spare hand for bulk salvaging of useful materials, like breaking down clothing. There’s a couple others like vehicle related ones, haven’t played with them.

As for the merchant, the default restock time is 6 days. Some merchants may have longer wait periods, so a good long crafting/loot campaign should refresh them in due time.

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Thank you so much! That really helps!

Base camps: These consist of the camp itself and potentially up to 8 adjacent expansion tiles (24*24 in size). The base camps themselves have requirements on where they can be placed and specific building upgrades tailored to those specific location, which restricts your own construction options (although you can “manually” change things afterwards). There are base camps for specific buildings, such as evacuation shelters (3 variants, depending on the layout of the shelter), light industry (the two top tiles have one variant each), and a number of other versions. In addition to that you have the more general field base camp that’s placed on an open field (and so don’t start in any existing infrastructure), with two variants of these, and you can chose either. Finally there is the bare bones base camp that can be set up anywhere, which doesn’t come with any building upgrades at all: it’s all “manual”.
All the base camps come with a set of “standard” activities you can assign your companions to, with many gated behind building upgrades, and in addition to that there are companion crafting recipes which contain a fairly small subset of the PC crafting set. The restricted set is due both to technical reasons (liquids can’t be crafted, for instance, as there is no support for the post crafting pouring into containers), as well as UI ones: the UI tool used for the base camp UIs is only capable of dealing with long lists, and not the complex category based matrix the PC crafting UI uses.
Apart from base camp activities, you also have zone based activities that don’t require any base camp, such as dismantling, construction, vehicle repair and dismantling, etc.

On top of the base camp itself there are expansions that provide additional companion crafting capabilities (by making more recipes available) for some of them, as well as other potentially useful infrastructure. ALL existing expansions require a field for its placement, so they are really geared towards a field base camp surrounded by fields on all 8 adjacent tiles (you can of course sacrifice an expansion slot for e.g. river access if you’d like to). The canteen expansion adds a fair number of cooking recipes, while the workshop adds a variety of general crafting ones. The storage one provides storage only, while the farming one provides field, although that can be accomplished using zones instead. The livestock expansion provides places for your livestock, although, again, you can construct this “manually”. The garage is fairly obsolete, as it’s just a big building that provides some role playing value, but it’s former functionality has been taken over by vehicle oriented zones.

The usage of “manually” above indicates that you can either have the PC do the construction or use construction zones to get companions to do it.

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